vrijdag 14 november 2014

JAPAN | Okayama, Niimi, Ikuradou

Tokyo was not the only place I have been in Japan. Next to Tateyama I have also been to Okayama! I was curious about this prefecture and heard a lot about it. I pictured it with many mountains, green, nature and farms. So far I have seen, it kind of was :), but also very, very, very beautiful!

Today I will take you with me to Niimi, a city that is located in the northwest of Okayama, where I visited the Ikura-do Cave. Thanks to my boyfriend's parents!

Background information
Niimi City, 新見市, is known for its limestone caves. These caves consist of rocks with a lot of minerals, like calcite and aragonite  (both type of forms of calcium carbonate, CaCO3). Most of these limestone caves are composed of fragments of coral or foraminifera (unicellular organism). 

One of limestone caves I visited was the Ikura-do Cave.

Ikura-do Cave, 井倉洞

Tatsuya filming with our Sony Action Cam.

Behind the lovely waterfall and within this mountain you can find the Ikura-do. It is a Natural Monument of Okayama and has a length of 1200 meters. 

Tragic love story
Somewhere in front of the Ikura-do Cave is an extreme edge with a vertical slope with a tragic love story. A long time ago there lived two lovers called Mosaku and Arisa. Mosaku  got charmed by a very beautiful princess named Tsuruhime. He was so captivated by her that he went to chase her. Arisa couldn't bare with it and killed herself when she was left behind by Mosaku 

The people from the village named this edge Arisabuchi. They also built a shrine in honer of Arisa and called it Arisa no Miya. Now she is worshiped as a goddess of marriage and as a guardian angels of lovers. 

An entrance fee is required to visit the Ikura-do. Also if you ever plan on visiting this cave, make sure to bring a vest of jacket, because it can get pretty cold inside!

 Inside the ikura-do Cave (with bad quality pictures, gomene!)
 But nicely spacey though! ^__^ 

I had some trouble with my camera that day I remember. I couldn't get the color right and stuff. That is why some of the pictures from this post are a bit overly contrasted or the colors are a bit to bright.

We walked for a long time. Going up and down stairs, taking care we wouldn't slip and break something. Next to that it was pretty dark. We needed to watch our head to be careful not to hit it. A very nice adventure though!  And cold!!
Exiting the cave

 Plenty of ice cream flavors!

Here you see an insane amount of ice cream flavors! I did not have one, but I should have damn, haha. I'm so curious about some, for example the pudding one and blueberry one. Do you spot any interesting ones?

Cute doggy!

This was the end of this post! Thank you so much for checking it out :).

Have an awesome day ^_^ !

maandag 10 november 2014

JAPAN | Roppongi, Doraemon and Pikachu

Here I am again with a post about one of my days in Japan during the summer vacation of 2014! This is going to be a fun one. As you can read by the title, it involves Doraemon and Pikachu in Roppongi :). So there we go, enjoy~

Roppongi, 六本木
This city is known for its nightlife and it is a very popular place for foreigners. It offers a lot of luxury, leisure and residential space making it very appealing to different types of visitors. Places for culture and art are also to be found, like the Mori Art Museum and Suntory Museum of Art. There are tons of bars, restaurants and nightclubs that are welcoming to foreigners. Also a big amount of embassies are located in Roppongi, such as the embassy of the Philippines, Sweden and Spain. 

Roppongi Hills, 六本木ヒルズ
If you are looking for a city within a city, you have found it right here! Roppongi Hills was introduced in 2003 in the center of Roppongi. It became pretty much a token of the Japanese IT business. Everywhere are buildings filled with offices of companies from the IT and financial sector. One of the most frequent visited buildings is the Mori Tower. It is one of the most tallest buildings in that area. In this tower you are able to dine and unwind, shop and check out the beautiful view from up the observation deck.

Tatsuya, Samuel and me went together to Roppongi Hills. For me it was the first time going to Roppongi. It made me very curious because of all the stories that I heard about it. Like: "It is filled with foreigners", "So many douchebags there" etc..On the contrary I heard it is a good place for shopping and you can find yourself some good deals. But either way we didn't come for shopping or nightlife! We came to see Doraemon and Pikachu!

Doraemon, ドラえもん
Having fun in the sun ^^!

Who is Doraemon?
Are you familiar with Doraemon? It is a manga that was made by Fujiko F. Fujio. Doraemon is a robot from the future that traveled back into the past. There is also an anime of Doraemon. It is immensely popular not only for kids, but also adults. The story lines contain a lot of humor, but unlike other anime's or cartoons it contains morale lessons about topics such as courage, family, respect and integrity.

This summer Roppongi Hills happened to be filled with Doraemon's! I was very lucky to be in Japan :).

It was one of the most cutest things I have seen. Just think about that, Japan is a land of cuteness everywhere O_O. Everywhere, Doraemon.. to my right.. to my left.. up, down, under! And they were all different. I also saw the original design of Doraemon. He should have looked like a yellow cat, now he looks like a blue one without ears. I don't have a picture of that one unfortunately, but if you take a good look into the picture with the bunch of Doraemon's and people you can see some yellow ears popping up, a bit on the left!

Pikachu Cafe, ピカチュウカフェ

Up in the Mori Tower was a temporary Pikachu Cafe! I remembered that I found out about it somewhere on my Facebook wall. How awesome is this?! A freakin' Pikachu Cafe in Tokyo during my summer vacation. When I was a little girl I was a Pokémon fan. Games, anime, cards, figures - you name it and I had it! Now I had the chance to eat Pikachu! Yes, his head chopped up on a plate... but it looked so cute!! Hahaha. Either way I was dying to take a look and satisfy my taste buds in the Pikachu Cafe.

New Pokémon movie!

So you know, we were way up in the Mori Tower and we had the most prettiest view from there.

 Tokyo Tower!


They used Rotterdam, a city of The Netherlands, as an example for designing! That so cool!

Playing around 


Is this a Pokémon?! WHY?!

Pikachu Cafe and the two hour queue
I was very much dissapointed, because there was a two hour queque to have lunch at the Pikachu Cafe. Really.. What is it with Japan and their queque's X_X?! Two hours was too long for us and we were pretty hungry, so we decided to eat elsewhere. But of course we took a look around the kitchen and some other places!

"Pikachu Cafe"

Pikachu Curry

Pokemon Purikura

During the Christmas holidays in Japan we three also made purikura. You can check that out HERE.


Huge shaved ice with all the flavors you can imagine! I had one with mango flavor (wasn't that good unfortunately. I paid around 8 euro for this T_T), Tatsuya had a grape flavored one (WAS SO GOOD!) and Samuel had a peach one (if I remembered correctly, but his was good too!).

So that was it for this post. I had so much fun exploring and sightseeing. I also hope to hang out with you again Samuel!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment! I'll be sure to reply :).

Thank you for reading and see you soon again!