dinsdag 29 april 2014

Gamasot | Korean take away

Gamasot 가마솟
Korean Take Away

Somewhere early April my boyfriend and me went to Gamasot. It is a small dining place where they serve tasty Korean dishes. You can take a look at their website >here<. 

It is located in Rotterdam not far from the train station of Blaak. It is a bit tricky to find, but once you see it you will recognize it right away.

What we ordered for dinner was the following..

Korean tea.

I like the taste of Korean tea. It is different from the green tea I always drink. Most likely I am going to stack up on some Korean tea.

Ramyun - 라면

  • Korean noodles soup with beef, pork or chicken.

Bibimbap - 비빔밥

  • Mix of rice, vegetables, beef, fried egg and red chili paste.

Man Du - 만두
  • Friend Korean dumplings.

The food was delicious. I really enjoyed the dumplings. Next time I will try Ramyun with some pork or chicken, because that dish was pretty good too. Next to the food the place looks very neat and the waiters are very kind. There is not much place to sit though, for the place is very small. Maybe around  six to seven tables if I remember correctly.

If you ever plan to come to The Netherlands or are visiting Rotterdam it is open on the following times:

Tuesday & Wednesday from 15:00 p.m. - 21:00 p.m.
Thursday until Saturday from 12:00 p.m. - 21:00 p.m.
Sunday & Monday it is closed! 

Pannekoekstraat 103A, 3011 LD  Rotterdam

After dinner

We wanted to eat some ice cream somewhere. Coincidentally we saw this big ice cream stand beneath and electronic store. It looked fancy and there was a lot to choose from. It was like a big buffet where you could pick out your flavors and add candies and sprinkles yourself. It looked great, but too bad it didn't taste that great. The flavor was really unnatural and processed. Unfortunately we paid 6 euros for it. Next time better get some Ben & Jerry's!

Thank you again for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it :).

Japan - Day 14: Hachiko and burgers

Hello guys! This will be the last post about my Japan travel diary, or whatever it is called. At this moment I don't have more [Japan - Days] to show you... at this particular moment... I say that because maybe, somewhere in the near future, I will be posting more about Japan. Yes, yes I might go there on vacation soon again ^^. 

But anyhow, I still have Day 14 to show you guys. Day 14 was exactly two days before I went back home to The Netherlands. I didn't make any interesting pictures after day 14, but I had tons of fun being together with Tatsuya and his family. They gathered everybody at his parents place, we ate, played games and chatted.

SO, day 14 right, haha.. Around that time Tatsuya wanted to meet up with a friend. He arrived a couple of days earlier in Japan and agreed to hang out with us. He is from England, also a long way from home. Though Japan would be his home for the year.

Shopping in Shibuya
Before leaving Japan I still had the chance to go shopping, get souvenirs, taste foods and drink Starbucks again. We did that together with Samuel. Around noon we met up with him at the Hachiko Statue. It is a spot where people like to meet up. On the next picture I'm holding the doggies leg.

First things first, we got a beverage at Starbucks. From up in the Starbucks next to Shibuya Crossing we could look down over the crowded crossing. I really enjoy sitting up there. The only downside to it is that the spot is quite busy, but apart from that it's splendid. We chatted a lot and Tasuya and Samuel had the chance to catch up with each other, sharing memories. Which were very fun to hear about, haha.

We entered the 109men's and 109women's department stores. And ooooh my, this day it was CRAZY BUSY! Holy moly. There was a sea of people inside. In the men's department store you could kind of still walk, but for the women's.... No way! I needed to swim through people to get the chance to even look at stuff. So we didn't stay for long.

After surviving those incredibly busy department stores, we got hungry. And so we searched for a decent place to fill up our tummies. I think searching for a restaurant took us longer than eating the meal. We went right, left, up down, took stairs and elevators until we finally all agreed on this particular restaurant that I don't remember the name of anymore. I looked very nice as for the meals, they looked even nicer. I think it was some kind of Taiwanese restaurant. Too bad I did not take a picture of the dishes thought. Probably I was too hungry. When we were done eating our energy levels where up high again! So we left and did a some more shopping.

Shops, shops, shops
Walking through these busy streets was enjoyable. I bought some more stuff here and there but not long after that we visited some stores which Tatsuya and Samuel wanted to visit. It was a fun experience being led by two guys in and out stores, looking specifically at menswear. I saw some very interesting brands and super high fashion brands, also some I never heard of even. At the end of our shopping adventure we walked through a big alley. It felt as if it was a hidden street, without bright lights, but there were a lot of really interesting stores. I saw so much unique clothing and beautiful decorations. There was a HipHop store selling really old an vintage looking pieces, there was a Lolita store which sells one-of-a-kind self-made skirts, dresses and accessories and plenty more. One day I want to go back there and have an even better look.

Friends and Hamburgers
We walked back to Takeshita street and met up with more of Tatsuya's friends. The fun thing was that two of his friend were Dutch, what a coincidences. So, night had fallen already and our tummies started to growl again. So one of the guys suggested a restaurant not far from there. It was an completely American styled restaurant. The menu looked great! They sold the most awesome burgers. Now, for me, I wasn't that hungry so I shared a meal with Tatsuya.

I believe the first drink was free. We could go and fill up the drinks ourselves. I never drink soda, but on this occasion I choose a melon flavored drink. It sounded delicious. 

Some Purikura we took in Takeshita Street. Check out >THIS< blogpost to know more about it.

The burgers came on a big plate. Supposedly very hot, because they were piping when put in front of us! It was quite impressive to see. As you can see on the next picture it was needed to put your paper up so no burning oils would hit you or you clothing. 

These pictures are screenshots of video's I made!

We chatted a lot and had a very good time. Afterwards we decided to get a drink in a bar nearby.

Drinks and Karaoke

I chose this berry drink. It tasted pretty sweet and no alcohol was included, so it was perfect for me, haha. It was expensive though. If I remember right a drink like this costed between 500 to 800 yen. That would be around five to eight euros.

When we were done drinking we went to spend a bit more time together in a Karaoke bar. It was really fun. We stayed their for around an hour or so. 

Thanks for reading my last post about my trip to Japan. If you want to read the others you can find them in the links below:

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dinsdag 22 april 2014

MISSHA | Near SKIN Total Repairing Hydro-Gel Mask review

As the most of you might know, I have been to Japan and it would have been a crime to not bring some skin care products back home with me, wouldn't it? Hehehe. That is because skin care products in Japan are amazing! 

One of the things I bought in December was this Total Repairing HYDRO-GEL MASK. It wasn't until recently that I have used it. So here you go, another skin care product review!




First of all, I want to introduce you to Missha. It's a Korean skin care and cosmetic brand. I heard about them several times, but I never used their products. Until now!

When I was walking over the streets of Shibuya, in Japan, I saw a Missha store. I decided to take a look inside and see what they had to offer. The store ranged from makeup to body lotions and from facial masks to hair products. It was very interesting. Now, I wasn't really looking for something, so I thought to myself that I could try out one of their facial masks. I choose the Near SKIN Total Repairing Hydro-Gel Mask. It cost me 500 yen. That's about 5 euro or less.

So what does this mask claim to do for you?
When you get older your skin loses elasticity and other things you may want to preserve. For an emergent repair, this gel mask is the solution! It will result in a moisturized and firmed up skin. It contains wrinkle repairing substances which have a long lasting effect, up to 24 hours. It will make your face come alive instantly with the intensively nourishing benefits. 

This mask also contains Thermo-sensitivity technology. It will help activate ingredients to penetrate effectively into the skin. 

And to sum it all up for you:

• Moisturizing •
• Firming •
• Wrinkle repairing •
• Hyaluronic Acid •
• Coenzyme Q10 •
• Long lasting effect, up to 24 hours •

How to use: 
  1. After washing your face, apply toner.
  2. Gently open the pouch. Remove the plastics protections films covering the mask.
  3. Apply the first sheet, which is removed from the transparent plastics, onto the upper part of the face. Repeat with the second sheet to the lower part of the face. 
  4. After 20~ 40 minutes remove the mask sheets and pat leftover essence softly into the skin for it to be fully absorbed.

* For a cooling gel mask, keep the mask in the refrigerator before using * 
* Use after being in the sun for to long, or when your skin is in serious need for repair *

I like how the first ingredients say: Water, Glycerin. Glycerin helps the skin keep its moisture. In a future post about a DIY body scrub, I will explain how exactly Glycerin is beneficial for the skin.

These are the sheets covered with the films.

Here I have got the upper part of the mask on my face.

And here also the lower part.

My thoughts
Packaging - The red color of the packaging and the golden font give a mature and sophisticated feeling to it. I think it is a good way to appeal a older segment of consumers. A packaging with pink or bright colors would less likely appeal to consumers in need of, lets say, wrinkle repair.

The way how the sheets are covered and saved in the packaging by the films gave me the impression that this mask was of very high quality. The films are easy to remove, so no inconvenience.

The sheet(s) - Both the sheets are easy to apply to the face. After placing them in the right position, they very much stay in place, even if you are walking around or moving your head around. They don't fall or glide off. The texture of the sheets feel pretty firm. Next to that it has ridges, which probably has something to do with the firmness and steadiness.

The essence - The texture of the essence is a mix between water and a gel like, see through substance. It has a strong scent, which is difficult to explain how it smells like. It isn't that bad though. Once it touched my face it gave me a cold, but very nourishing sensation. As if it was really penetrating through my skin.  

Experience - After keeping it on for about 40 minutes, I took the sheets off. My skin didn't felt soft nor smooth. It felt rather super DUPER hydrated and very plump(in a good way). I think this mask would be great for people with dry skin or irritated skin. It is no lie that this is a very moisturizing mask! I padded the leftover essence into my face and neck. It gets a bit sticky, which isn't that pleasant. 

  • Attractive packaging
  • First impressions: good quality and professional
  • Stays in place after applying, even when walking and moving around
  • Very moisturizing!
  • Skin feels nourished and fresh
  • Easy to use

  • The essence is a bit to sticky

It is a great recovery mask! I would definitely buy this mask again and especially use it after a day of too much sunlight hitting my face or when I feel tired. It is like an emergency mask to refresh yourself which really does wonders, but it could be a bit too rich for some! My skin feels fresh, new, but maybe a bit too moisturized, haha. So I would advise to use it when your skin is in serious need of moisture and hydration.

I would love to know if you ever used this mask. What benefits did it have for you? Or maybe it wasn't the case for you at all? 

Thanks for reading :)

donderdag 17 april 2014

Japan - Day 13: New Years Day!

I never celebrated new years eve without my parents. Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have spend the 31st of December until past midnight, 1st of January, at home. Call me lucky if the first time celebrating without my parents would be in Japan. So, go on...call me "lucky"! Hehehe. Because that was the case last new years of 2013/2014 :)!

I am so happy I could experience that. Nothing changed in the way it was celebrated though. Just comfy, at home, watching television. I watched a song festival kind of thing on TV that night. It was interesting to see all those Japanese bands, actors and actresses and solo artists performing. I also saw on TV how people celebrated the new years eve at temples and shrines all around Japan. Very beautiful.

Yeah, it was nice and relaxing. Even so relaxing that my boyfriend fell asleep and still fast asleep at 00:00 a.m., hahaha.

The Day After
There was a planning made, before going to Japan, that on the first day of the new year we would visit Tatsuya's sister and her husband. It would be an hour drive through Tokyo. I was stoked to hear, because I could look at the scenery of high buildings and narrow streets, or fall asleep in the car again haha. 

We parked the car a few minutes away from his sisters house and took a moment to look at the gorgeous view. The weather was great again, with a lot of sunshine!

Tiny seagull, I see you!

She lives up in an apartment. In a few seconds we were up with the elevator, arrived at our destination. It didn't took long or we were enjoying the sweet tastes of the Japanese cuisine :). Unfortunately we did not stay over for long, but there was something else in store for us.

Shrine and Temple visits

On new year's day it is very common for Japanese people to visit a Shrine. They also visit them on the night of the 31st of December.

A place where you are asked to wash your hands.

A funny detail you might have seen in the pictures, is that this place was in the middle of a city. You can see the nice architecture of the old buildings, but if you look closer you can see tall buildings of concrete behind it. 

It was a interesting experience. Totally different from the Dutch manners I grew up with. It made me think of how other countries celebrate their new year's. 

Finally we headed back to the car to go back home. I can't really remember if me and Tatsuya went out on adventures afterwards, or if we just stayed home that day. But what I know is that it was a very special day, full of joy. I also learned a lot more about the customs of around and during new year's. 


Not so much talk, more pictures this time. I hope you enjoyed this post :). There is still one post coming up, that will be the last one of my vacation in Japan.

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