maandag 25 februari 2013

Tsunacon 2013

On the 10th of February I went to Tsunacon, in Rotterdam. I was so exited to go this year! I made my cosplay in les then 5 days O_O. I was exhausted the day of the con, with only 2 hours of sleep I got up and got ready to go.. I know I'm stupid XD. 

My cosplay wasn't finished yet, so I had to work on it the whole night (that is the reason I didn't got sufficient sleep). It still wasn't ready the day of the con. I stressed a lot in the morning, because I was participating in a Fashion Show. I almost didn't wanted to participate in the Show anymore, because of my crappy sari thingie I made (the blue fabric I am wearing). I made the scepter/weapon within two days also. But at the end of the day I have the most fun memories and it was AWESOME ^__^! In another post I will explain how I made my costume.

I brought my camera, that I charged the day before, but I forgot my memory card for it T_T... And my phone died on me... I was like cursed that day. I couldn't make pictures on Tsunacon. I was so bummed about it. Lucky for me I have a friend who make pro pictures and they made some awesome pictures at Tsunacon (HUYEN<3). I asked her to lend me her pictures for my blog ^_^. She helped me with my tattoo in the morning also! Don't know what I would have done without her.

Also another friend of mine (GUILLAUME<3) made some awesome pictures of me there. So grateful!

Here are the pictures that Huyen made: 

Some classmates listening to a lecture.

Two pretty girls. The one on the right is Huyen, she made the pictures :).

Link<3. I thought she was the most awesome cosplayer walking around that day. She fits the character perfectly! And yes, a SHE :D

Cute schoolmates.


This is a sensei from my school who is giving a lecture at Tsunacon! Cool huh?

Thanks for the pictures Huyen^^.

Here are the pictures Guillaume made:

My cosplay, Fang!

My partner in crime that day, Rinoa Heartilly. 

Kill it, kill it!!

When I saw them, I thought: *What are they doing?! O_O*. My second thought: *Let me join them...*.

So another one joined.

And another one..

Then Mido came to join.. I seem to attract people? *got away*

My con mates! They are AWESOME!

Random dude joins pic.

 Photoshoot booth from Nozlan:

Lots of pictures! There were a lot more people at Tsunacon this year I think, the place was packed. In the morning I had to enter a Fashion Cosplay Show. It was a fun experience ^_^. Here are some pictures of it:

I love this picture! It is so cheerful and happy ^^. Those were all the participants in the Show. As you can see there were some that were pretty cool!

Also I was helping my small enterprise in the dealerroom. I am running a small enterprise with classmates and we could sell our products at Tsunacon. We are know by the name: "Decoi". Maybe you have seen us and our Dust Plugs^^?

In one of my next posts I will tell you more detailed about it and put up some more pics of Tsunacon ^__^. So see you next time here!