zondag 7 december 2014

KASUMIKRISSTV | Nakano Broadway

Close to the Nakano Station in Tokyo is a shopping complex called Nakano Broadway, 中野ブロードウェイ. An over 200 meter long shopping streets will lead you from Nakano Station to Nakano Broadway. On your way you will find lots of shops and restaurants. 

For some of you who might not know about it, Nakano Broadway is very famous for selling anime and idol goods. I would almost say it is a small version of Akihabara. It is a mekka for otaku's and idol-lovers. The deeper you go into Nakano Broadway, the more stores you will find filled with manga and anime stuff. 

I visited Nakano Broadway during my stay in Japan. It was so much fun! There is really a lot to see for everybody, you don't even have to be an anime of manga fan to have a good time in Nakano Broadway. 

Here is a blog post I made some months ago about it. In the post I promised to upload a video about that day, so here it is:

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