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JAPAN | From Yanaka Ginza to Nezu shrine to Ueno - PART 1 (1/2)

As you might know, Tatsuya and me visited Starbucks frequently in Japan. This time, before exploring Yanaka and all the way to Ueno, we were in Akihabara in search of a SSD and a SD-card. We decided to stop at the Starbucks for a bit of a refreshment. We took a Cool lime drink and an iced coffee. Cold drinks are awesome during the Japanese summer heat.

Yanaka, 谷中

Some buildings close to the station.

We traveled with the train to Yanaka. It wasn't that far away from Akihabara, which was pleasing. Exiting the station at our destination I immediately felt some calmness from the surroundings. Tatsuya told me Yanaka is not such a busy or lively place like other areas in Tokyo. One of the main reasons is that it is one of the fewer districts in Tokyo with a shitamachi atmosphere, which translated into low city. Yanaka gives you a feeling you are walking through an old town from way back in time. Pretty nostalgic.

A poster on a billboard about the Asakusa Samba Carnival.

Walking towards a known shopping street.

A very noticeable thing that caught my attention was that I saw cats everywhere! Cats walking around, drawings of cats, cat statues, cat shaped food, cats on signs, cats, cats, cats etc. etc.. I began to wonder why? 

Yanaka Ginza

We went up and down the street a couple of times (I still was thinking about the cats.). It was very lovely. The ambient was just perfect to me.

Ice cream time!

Moaar cats!

We stopped by a cute little place which sold taiyaki in the shape of cats. Taiyaki is a type of snack that always has a fish shape to it. But yeah, like I told you.. cats, cats everywhere!!

On that hot day we went for ice cream. I just went for a regular vanilla ice cream. Tatsuya got a green tea flavored one. Both of our ice creams consisted of a a little taiyaki cat-shaped snack.

Walk towards Nezu shrine

I love to find hidden spots. They make great pictures!

Busy filming with our Action Cam.

Nezu Shrine, 根津神社

On foot we arrived at the Nezu Shrine. The entrance we took was very intriguing. I, coming from a western country, do not see things like this at all. Huge, colorful and elegant architectures, those that remind me of Asian countries.

This very old shrine near Ueno Park looks so attractive to me. It is surrounded by a lot of greens with so many paths to walk over. You kind of forget about the city for a bit.

I had a scary experience here, after I took this picture. Once I snapped it I took another good look at the scenery. Within a split second a tree branch fell down on the floor approximate two meters away from me. I got a bit startled. And so,  with wide open eyes I made a slow but steady pace down the stairways... Somebody did not like me taking pictures there? Or am I being to superstitious? Hehehe. Anyway, nothing bad happened!

This was the end of my first post of "From Yanaka Ginza to Nezu Shrine to Ueno". Next week the second part will be up! Tatsuya and me also filmed quite much around there, so that will be up in a vlog on my youtube channel for sure!

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked the pictures :) HAVE AN AWESOME DAY GUYS!

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