zaterdag 13 september 2014

KASUMIKRISSTV | Kashiwa Matsuri 2014

My very first Japanese matsuri (Matsuri = Festival) experience caught on camera! And not just a camera, everything you see in this video is filmed with a Sony Action Cam :). Now a side note to it is that Pro Mode hasn't been used in this video, because we did not have the right SD-card for it yet. But be sure to stay tuned because later on more video's will be upload with in Pro Mode.

Now for the video you all came for hehehe....


I would really love to know if you ever been to a Japanese Festival? If so, what was it like?

For those who are interested in more details about this festival, go check out my other blog post HERE.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope to post very soon again :)

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