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Japanese om-nom-noms #1

This summer vacation I have been in Japan snacking on all kinds of delicious foods. Some I already knew, some were completely new to me. So I wanted to share some of the things I have eaten over there and tell a bit about them. For example how the taste, smell and texture are. Probably I will make a few posts on this topic and call it the Japanese om-nom-noms series, because Japanese food is AWESOME!

Grape - Budo - ぶど

Japanese grapes are not so different from Western grapes. But you have very large ones and very small ones. In this case I will be referring to the small sized one. I ate it for the first time this summer in Japan. The taste surprised me so much! They are very sweet. I could not believe my taste buds, haha. These grapes are so similar to the taste of grape flavored candy or Fanta Grape flavor.

Japanese people always peel grapes before they eat them. That was also something new to me. The skin is much thicker compared to the ones I eat in The Netherlands. I think it is just a habit created through time, although Japanese people will probably have their own reasons not to eat the skin.

Watermelon - Suika - すいか

Excuse moi for the blurry picture. Though you might have seen that these are slices of watermelon. I ate tons of those during my vacation. Huge, juicy, colorful and tasty watermelons. They are not so different from those around the world, but I can confirm they are much more sweeter than the ones I have tasted in The Netherlands. Slowly but surely I came to the conclusion that that would be a fact for all the other types of fruits out there. The ones in The Netherlands were nicely juicy, but lacked in the tasted department. These Japanese ones, on the other hand, were exquisite :3!  

Biwa Wine Cake - Biwa wain keeki - びわわいんけーき

My boyfriends' parents had this on the table, so of course I couldn't help myself but try! This little treat was delightful. I didn't really know what it was and I hoped I wouldn't get drunk from it, but it sure didn't make me not want to taste it. This Biwa wine cake was nicely packed in foil and covered by a plastic wrapper. Once I opened it up I smelled the delicious scent of sweet pastry~ After taking a bite I found that there was this jam like substance in the middle of the cake. I remember that it added even an extra sensation to my taste buds! Mmmmm~ So jummy. 

Tuna and cucumber sushi rolls - Maguro maki - まぐろまき

This might not be unfamiliar to you as sushi nowadays is being sold everywhere in the world. So why even bother to put it in this blog?! Because it was super tasty! I had this for lunch together with my boyfriend and we felt stuffed afterwards. I really recommend you to eat sushi, maki or whatever with real Japanese rice. The texture is way better and so much more satisfying. 

Octopus sliced raw fish - Tako sashimi - たこ刺身

Almost every night we had dinner at Tatsuya's parents place. And literally every meal was restaurant quality.. This.. food.. I cannot.... AAH<3. I must say I have been a very lucky girl, yes indeed. But yeah, moving on. 

On the picture above you can see sliced raw octopus. I hope it won't freak you out, kekeke! Both curiosity and the fact that it was pretty unknown to me filled up my head and before I knew it I ate several slices. First I thought it would stick on the inside of my mouth, which unfortunately did not happen..lol. Overall it was pretty nice. Next time I would like to try it in nigiri form!

Eel biscuit - Unagi pai - うなぎパイ

Unagi = Eel, Eel = Fish..... So you are telling me that...?
Eels are an order of fish which consists of four suborders, 20 families, 111 genera and about 800 species. Most eels are predators. 

Source: Wikipedia.

On the flip side, this might be one of the most delicious biscuits I have ever eaten! I did not even find or tasted a trace of the eel. It is very light and crispy. Next to that the taste is so sweet. Definitely some awesome biscuit quality. I must say, eel in general is pretty tasty so I wouldn't have mind tasting it some more in the biscuit. This Unagi pai was one of the first things, after a ramen lunch, that I ate when arriving in Japan. I WANT MORE!

Sesame tofu - Goma Doufu - ごま豆腐

This pudding like thingy wasn't a dessert after our main course. It was part of dinner. It looked very interesting to me and I wanted to know what it was. I was told that this was a type of tofu made out of sesame seeds. It was a cold dish with some sauce on top of it to add more flavor. I liked it very much. I think this one is made out of black sesame seeds. There are also variations of white sesame seeds.

So that was it for this blog post. I hope I could make you somewhat interested in one of these. Or you maybe already might be know with them? Leave a comment if so ^_^!

Thanks for reading :).

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