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JAPAN | Ameya Yoko Market and Ueno Park

Long time no Japan blog update! Last weeks in Japan were so busy that I barely touched my laptop or mobile phone over there. Now I am back in the Netherlands and next to school I can start blogging and editing video's again. Very happy about that ^_^! Now.. sit back as I take you through my pics I made in Ueno, Japan. Lots of pictures this time again.

Ameya Yoko Market アメ横

This market was a place I definitely wanted to visit. It is a pretty busy market street not far from Ueno station. Ameyoko is shortened for Ameya Yokocho, which translates into Candy store alley. A lot of American products were sold at this market after World War Two. Nowadays you can find everything from clothes, cosmetics and bags to different kinds of spices, fish and fruits at very affordable prizes. 

That's a nice thing of these kinds of markets, they sells stuff for a lot cheaper. Though you should pay attention to weather something is fake or not. But yeah, if the quality is good.. who cares about the brand!

Tatsuya filming with the Sony Acion Cam.

The market street was a lot of fun! There were so many people yelling about there discounts and how good their products are. I also saw a plenty of spots were you could sit and eat a meal. Even several kebab stores are to be found around there. The only thing I ate from the market was a piece of pineapple on a stick, which was very delicious. But the man who sold them was an asshole, he was so rude! Something I would not immediately expect in Japan. 

I surprised myself as I did not buy anything else apart from the pineapple on a stick. The main thing I was looking for were green tea kitkats, or other kind of flavors. Unfortunately I could not find them, although maybe they had them somewhere in some store. 

Ueno Park 上野公園

Shinobazu Pond

When we were done looking around at the street market our tummies were kind of rumbling. So after a stop at a convenient store for some more food on sticks, we continued our day in Ueno Park. This big park is located next to Ueno station. If you're ever in Ueno, you should not miss out on this!

Some time ago this park originally was part of a temple, which has a lot of history behind it. I was already wondering if there was any temple in or around Ueno Park, because I saw a lot of architecture, gates and statues which looked like there must have been one. 

People mainly visit the museums and the Ueno Zoo. I did not though, but I hope to go some other time! They look pretty interesting. Would have been nice to see some different types of animals for example.

Little turtles <3

My boyfriend thinking deeply about dinner

Zeldaaa, Link? Where?!

It was so relaxing to walk around in Ueno Park. The heat was a torture and so were the mosquitoes too, but that did not stop us from having a great time. We did not see all of it, but maybe sometime soon we will get another chance.

I hope you enjoyed this post and liked the pictures. I will continue with writing other blog posts about Japan!

Thank you for reading, or looking at the pictures haha. Both are fine :D! 

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