donderdag 28 augustus 2014

KASUMIKRISSTV | Introduction to my Youtube Channel

Aaaah, finally! My precious readers, here I am again! I have been idle for while, but I am back :). I can't wait to start writing blog posts again and uploading them. I recently returned back to The Netherlands, where it is such shitty weather compared to the Japanese weather. But hey, what can I do about that. Although I saw that any time soon the temperature will go up here as well. Pretty pleased about that. Either way, glad to be back!

I just uploaded a new youtube video on my channel. I thought it was time to show everybody who I was. I was planning to upload this a while ago already, but I was so busy! Forgive me preasuuu, hehe.

So yeah... Here you go :D

It would be awesome if you could comment on it or give it a thumps up. It would be even more awesome if you'd subscribe! Haha. Thanks for reading my blog and watching my new video :). I will be working hard on new video's and new blog posts. :)

Have a great day~

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