vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

JAPAN | Shared Tables Cafe

Japan is known for cute things. It is not any different with restaurants and cafes. The same goes for this one..

 Image from here.

On a Friday night Tatsuya got to meet up with a friend of his. He works for Shared Tables here in Japan. It is an English cafe and bakery located in the back streets of Aoba. The place is so cozy and fun! I also will be having a video of it uploaded soon on my youtube channel.

"Shared Tables is a place where you can come and enjoy lunch, relax with a coffee and ice cream or even practice your English conversation skills with out British staff members."
"Also featuring a beautiful heated outdoor wooden terrace, it's a fantastic place to come and relax." - Shared Tables

Tatsuya and me had dinner at Shared Tables even though it was pretty late already. We both got a bolognese pasta with a salad and tasty bread on the side. It was very good. Others settled for some panini's. Drinks were served, laughter were heard and pictures were taken. I had a very nice time. And so did the rest~

Damnnnn, I got so brown O_O.

Group picture!

When we were done eating and chatting we decided to walk to Shibuya for some karaoke. After not having done it for a while I kind of forgot how fun it is! We sang a lot of songs together and had unlimited drinks. 

So yeah :). I hope you liked it! 

If you are interested in visiting..


東京都目黒区青葉台, 3-10-3
Walking distance from Daikanyama and Naka Meguro.

Opening Hours
Lunch | Mon - Sat 11:30 -14:30
Dinnner | Thurs - Sat 18:00 - 21:00

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