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JAPAN | Kashiwa Festival - 柏祭

In the last week of the month July a festival was held in Kashiwa. It was so busy, people everywhere! A large amount of food stands were placed alongside the streets. Here and there you saw girls wearing their yukata (summer kimono) and people trying out their favorite snacks they bought from the stands. Impressive taiko drummers were letting us know they were there by making loud beats with their drums. Just to sum it up this festival was a hell lot of fun! (pictures are not made by me, but by others who came with us)

One of Tatsuya's friends invited us to join the festivities. He and his girlfriend told us they wanted to wear a yukata for the festival and they asked us if we wanted to wear one too. Which they arranged for us!

The festival was on a Sunday. Around noon we were picked up to go to Gaku's place, Tatsuya's friend, where we got to change into our yukata. Yuri, Gaku's girlfriend, helped me getting dressed. It was a very impressive process to me.

Grapefruit juice

We came by this nice looking place were they were selling grapefruits with straws in them. I have never seen this, haha. I can imagine this is not Japan's latest invention, but seeing people drinking out of a grapefruit made me very curious. I know people drink out of fresh coconuts with a straw, but not a grapefruit!

So we got in line and the friendly bartender asked me if I wanted regular or sparkling. That blew my mind LOL! They could even add something to it. In the picture above you see how this special drink is made. They put a hole into the grapefruit and mush it up inside. And it was very refreshing, I liked it :D!

*Sip, sip, sip*

Delicious lunch time

Tatsuya looks like an Arabian guy. And I got my pose wrong.

I noticed while being in Japan that Japanese people tend to pose a lot when pictures are being taken. Cute or silly, it doesn't matter! They make any kind of faces, haha. 

Gaku was telling a story about Momo. A child born out of a peach, found floating in water.

It went like: どんぶらこー, どんぶらこー, どんぶらこー.

The food was very good. We ate all kinds of stuff like pizza, broccoli, fried chicken and more. It was like tapas. Underneath on the picture you can see a plate with types of cheese and dried fruits.

He was leaving so he came to take a picture, haha.

Festivities continue..

Right after lunch we went straight back into walking around and sight seeing. It was even more crowded than before! 

Bon odori

盆踊り, bon odori which translates into bon dance. Each region has a local dance, as well as different music. We entered the circle of the dancing people trying to follow the steps. It was so much fun. At first I was hesitant to join, but then I was like aah whatever, I'm not always in Japan XD!

Turning of camera -.-

After dancing we went back home. We took the train at the station and went to Gaku's place first to change into are normal wardrobe. Wearing a yukata wasn't as hot as I thought. We only wore a top underneath so it was quite breezy. Either way the heat in Japan has no mercy, so I was still sweating occasionally hehehe. Though a nice thing was that the yukata had a hole underneath the armpits. WIN!

Aaaah, I hope you enjoyed this posted :). Tatsuya and me have filmed a lot too with our new Sony Action Cam. We call him Freddy... He is like a baby to us.... I will be uploading a video about the Kashiwa Matsuri soon onto my youtube channel, so please watch out for that one if you are interested ^__^!

Have an amazing day you guys~ 

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