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Summer vacation in Japan! - 日本にいます!

I am happy to say that I arrived safe and sound in Japan! This is my second time visiting this country. Who would ever say that I would be traveling there two times in the same year?! Lucky me, I went during my Christmas vacation and now I am staying during the summer vacation.

On a Monday morning I left for Schiphol Airport together with Tatsuya and my parents. My parents were so kind to call a taxi which took us to the Airport. In about 30 minutes we arrived. From there on everything went kind of quick. We got our boarding tickets and checked in.

But there was a super sweet surprise! During check-in and 
luggage drop-off we encountered Guillaume!! Guillaume woke up so early and came to wish us a good trip! A friend of mine who you might have been seeing in some of my blog posts. If not, you will see him soon in video's on my youtube channel, haha. Not much later we enjoyed our last drink of the year together in The Netherlands, because the lucky bastard is leaving for Canada to do an internship and won't be coming back for the upcoming six months. Good luck and success!

First stop in London
I never been in London, but now I can say that I kind of have, hehe. Our first plane took Tatsuya and me to Heathrow Airport in just about less than an hour. I read a bit during the flight, it made the trip feel like it was shorter. Of course the crew attendees gave us some salty snacks to binge on and some refreshment to wash it away with. They had some nuts inspired by Thai flavors. I hope to find the brand one day again, because it was delicious! But yeah, again... with the blink of an eye we were at our first stop, London.

Huge English breakfast
So Tatsuya had this idea of managing our jetlag. He wanted to follow some steps he had found that would prevent you from having a jetlag, or barely having sense of it. It sounded interesting. In the morning before taking our first plane it was recommended to eat a light breakfast. We ate yoghurt with some fruits, nothing more nothing and nothing less. It was good. 

Then during lunch the plan was to eat a heavy, high in protein meal. Kind of like dinner for most of us. Now the first thing that came to our minds was: "Whueauhw, we will be in England, we can eat English breakfast!". 

My green juice for on the side. Tasty! I was shaking Tatsuya's berry juice.

Don't know what he said that made me look like this, lol.

Beans, sausages, eggs, tomato, toasts and bacon. SO MUCH FOOD! It was pretty good, but not my favorite type of breakfast though.

After this meal we felt satisfied and relaxed, so we thought this jetlag fighting plan might do the trick! Probably we could just fall asleep right away in the plane. The one that would take us to Narita, Japan. We payed the bill and walked around the airport until it was boarding time. The one that would take us to Narita, Japan. 

With British Airways to Japan

It was so awesome how we traveled to our gate! There was this metro, which looked super nice, that took us to were we needed to be. I never experienced going like this to the gate of a plane, makes me thing of how big Heathrow Airport actually is. I don't know if it is larger than Schiphol though.

Waiting while I went off to take some pictures.

Reflection of a plane passing by in the glass wall.

We didn't have to wait long to board the plane. Time really flew by... Like our plane was going to do.. and did, it flew... by..

So AHUM, after passport and boarding pass control we finally sat down in the seat that we would be in for the next 11 hours. Yeah, damn 11 hours sounds like a lot and truely it was. On the other hand, this time the trip felt way shorter to Tatsuya and me. The last time we traveled to Japan it felt like a never ending trip, we did not sleep too. Now this time, this time we slept! I also listened to an audio book about Karma and Re-birth, which was very fascinating. Next to that we played some games and did some light exercises (recommended).

Japan, we meet once again
YAAY! There I was in line for the passport control in the airport of Narita, Japan. I had some papers which I filled in on the plane that I had to give to the passport controller. He scanned both my index fingers and took a picture of my face... Welcome to Japan! Yes, foreigners be prepared for that, haha. 

Tatsuya's brother picked us up from the airport and took care of us for the hours to come. Very grateful for that. My first meal in Japan was Ramen, so good! Later on the day he brought us to Tatsuya's parent's place,where we will be most of the time in Japan. It is located in Tokyo not far from all the interesting places like Shibuya, Akihabara, Ueno, Shinjuku and etc..

A spot in Tatsuya's town.

The first few days
As you have read, the first day I spend some time with Tatsuya's brother's his family. Oh yeah, this was also the day that I experienced the weather in Japan during summer. I can tell you that it is hot and humid! It was only after 9 o'clock in the morning and the weather was crazy hot. Continuing.. After being brought to Tatsuya's house we rested, slept a bit until his parents came back from work. We ate such good dinner! On the table there was tonkatsu, vegetables, miso soup and more dishes. As dessert watermelons were served! I eat watermelons almost every day now <3.

The next day we figured that we still needed to rest a lot. Or better said, Tatsuya needed to rest more. The man with the letlag-plan was tired! This was so funny because he wanted me to join him with all the steps, but sometimes, when traveling on the plane, I just wanted to do what I felt like at the moment. He was like: "mehmehmeh you promised me, but"I was like "I didn't promise anything" and blablabla. Then we agreed on doing our own thing, haha. But yeah, everything came out well. So back to what we did the second day.. We decided to go to Kashiwa. Not far from Tatsuya's home town. If you want to read about Kashiwa and what we did there on my last trip to Japan, check it out HERE

In the early morning we took the train and got off at the train station of Kashiwa. We needed to exchange money and I wanted to get some undies and socks. Tatsuya suggested to go to UNIQLO which was a perfect choice. It is affordable yet it provides good quality. Next to that I got a kind of cooling spray at a drugstore.

It is the Avène Thermal spring water spray. It actually has more benefits than only having cooling effect. It helps soothing the irritated and red skin, it helps cooling after a sunburn, it helps your skin after removing make up and so on. Sounded pretty good to me. Also I am pretyy used to the brand. I use their lotion and milk for my skin care routine. Something that really helped me control my acne :). But now I am in search of another lotion and milk and stuff, because even these light products feel to heavy on skin here in the humid weather of Japan. My face gets quite oily now.

GAP Tatsuya got a great deal at GAP, an American clothing store. I found this amazing long sleeve shirt for him that fitted perfectly. They were having a sale so no shame in taking advantage of that. After walking around some more in Kashiwa we went back home to rest some more.

Back home
We spend the rest of our time before dinner laying on the bed watching some TV. I have noticed that I have expanded my vocabulary some more, just in the few days that I am here. 

Unagipai. A snack made out of eel, which is super delicious. 

This is a cake made out of Matcha with, I think, chocolate pieces in it. I suggest this if you like the taste of matcha :).

These were little gifts from Tatsuya's brother's family.

Day three in Akihabara

Spotted a cutie in the middle of Akihabara <3.

We randomly choose (today) (I wrote this blog two days ago, so not really today from uploading it today.) to go to Akihabara. It was a nice idea, because I am searching for a figure that I really want to have. And guess what!? I found several in different outfits for a super cheap prize!! Yaay for me! Hahaha. I will show you the figure once I get it. 

Tatsuya had some Ramen for lunch and I a dish that I didn't really like. It was like the inside of a cow or something. Things like liver, hearts and intestines make me grossed out. Plus I don't like the taste of it :(. And for the record I eat almost everything, this is really an exception hehe :). But I ate the rice and miso soup.

The last thing we did was looking for some books Tatsuya was interested in. Finally he made the decision of getting the books online. Not these books on these two pictures from above though, they are others.

That was an overview of the first days in Japan. If you want me to show you some things in particular, leave me a comment so I can see what I can do for you or show you ^^! If it is in Tokyo it will be most likely I can!

I hope you enjoyed my update from all the way in Japan. I will try to keep you updated as much as possible.
Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day!!!

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