woensdag 2 juli 2014

Selfmade Sushi Night

Could not handle my camera properly that day O_O.

A couple of months ago my boyfriend and me were invited to eat dinner. We were going to eat sushi! I was pretty excited, because I hadn't eaten sushi for a while that time. And as from today, that was the last time I ate sushi.

Next to being all happy to eat some sushi, I was also happy to hang out and chill again. My boyfriend and me got the opportunity to see some friends we almost hadn't seen for a year.

We all contributed to a colorful plate of sushi. Rolling, placing and measuring, for me it was quite a hassle making it. But I kind of found out how it works now, haha.

We used cucumbers, smoked salmon, chicken, shrimps and avocado. For seasoning we had sesame seeds and Roe. It looked so tasty and it still does! 

Don't forget the soja sauce! Though it tasted good enough without it :).


In about two weeks I will be in Japan again. Can't wait to eat sushi there again. I will be making vlogs and pictures of my trip. I will keep you posted ^_^!

Thank you for reading :D!!

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