vrijdag 11 juli 2014

Photography | Vroesenpark, Rotterdam

The ISO was to high on some of them.

Taking pictures and filming has really become a hobby of mine. I definitely want to become better and learn more about it. These shots I made in Vroesenpark, Rotterdam were from a moment that I thought by myself that I wanted to put more effort into it. I just wanted to grab a camera, go outside and practice. So I did. 

I took some shots here and there, but it was quite difficult. Searching for angles and making a good composition was something I struggled with before. I must say I have become slightly better at it. Tatsuya also gave me a lot of tips on how to use the camera properly.

Besides that I really like that you can just set the time still for a moment through a photo. It shows you a memory, a piece of the past, a moment you can not actually relive again. Next to that you can make it as artistic as you want and plain as you want. Everybody's opinion differs about it. 

The science behind a camera is so darn interesting! I remember that I went to the Ghibli museum, where they explained how it works. Even though the theory of how a camera can capture an image is a fact, I still can not process it completely. It is so amazing to me, haha.

Maybe it is just me, but photography fascinates me deeply.

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