donderdag 3 juli 2014

Parkpop 2014 The Hague

On the 29th of June I went to Parkpop 2014. This event takes place once a year in The Hague. I was totally unaware about it, but luckily I found out just in time. My boyfriend and me went on the bike for a quick visit (I live very close). Parkpop is a free festival, so you don't have to buy a ticket to get in. Just a good mood and some cash for foods and drinks is enough.

The weather was nice, the sun was shining bright, a lot of smiles and laughter. There were a couple of stages with bands playing. I did not have a clue who was playing when, but that didn't matter. Though we were right on time for Epica!

Felt so good hearing awesome guitar riffs and a double bass from the drums. I have heard of them when I was younger and I think I have seen them play before. Nevertheless they were great!  

After we saw Epica playing live we continued to walk to another stage. It was smaller compared to others, but this one only had a DJ-booth. And I guess they were just promoting beer. But yeah, music was goooood!

 A couple of girls were giving away hats. They got a huge crowd coming up to them, all reaching at them to get a hat. It looked very funny and enjoyable. Tatsuya also tried his luck. He came back safe and sound with a red Cowboy hat, hahaa.

*How you doin'?*

We strolled in and around a market were they sold pretty cool things. For example these voodoo dolls, pikachu and spiderman. They look so adorable!

We spend a small two hours at Parkpop, because we wanted to go back home and watch the match of Netherlands - Mexico. Parkpop displayed the match on big screens though, but we preferred the couch at home more!

I also made a short video about Parkpop 2014. It is up on my youtube channel now. I put the video down below so you can watch it if you want to ^^.

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