vrijdag 11 juli 2014

My Love For Foods Mega Giveway by Fleur Jonathans

Calling every food-junkie -lover, -addict! If you have a love for food, are a sucker for a pretty face and are very keen on giveaways, you came to the right place!


Well, this image actually explains it all. But for the heck of it..

Fleur Jonathans hosts an interesting blog that goes by the name of MY LOVE FOR FOODS. She is giving away an awesome goodie bag when her facebook page reaches 250 likes. At this moment she has got a total of 137 likers and growing!

To make it easier for you, >> THIS << is the link you need to share if you want to have a chance on winning the awesome goodie bag. And don't forget to like her page :).

Curious about what she is giving away? Here is a sneak peak:

Want to know more about what the goodie bag contains. Check it out here.

Good luck Fleur!

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