vrijdag 4 juli 2014

Mail out of China

Frequently all my posts are from a long time ago, as well for this one. I got mail out of China!

Since the beginning of this year a lot of people I know went for a year abroad to study and work. They are all spread out over Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. Choi, a sweet friend of mine, lives is in China now. I got a letter and some cute gifts from her.

Even the wrapping was cute, haha.

Bubble gum.

Green tea pocky sticks.

Cute panda tissue paper.

A super adorable card holder. I lost it while working with my pay card in it :(. SORRY CHOI XD!

Hello Kitty pen.

Lovely~ For in your hair.

Chocolate balls with strawberry flavor inside.

And a pair of cute socks :).

I thought it was such a sweet and unexpected surprise! I remember her sister coming up to me one day and giving it to me. Thank you again!

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