dinsdag 29 juli 2014

KASUMIKRISSTV | A day in The Hague - ハーグので一日

Hello there! I'm glad to present you my next video: A day in the Hague. I made this video a while ago on hot summer day before my vacation in Japan. My friends and me went to hang out, get a drink and eat some dinner. I decided to record some of it, with as main purpose improving my video taping and editing skills. It turned out pretty sweet so I just put it on my youtube channel for others to see :).

A day in The Hague

The hamburgers were amazing! I really recommend Burgerz. They have various options and it is pretty tasty. 

I hope you liked it ^__^! Stay tuned for more cool stuff and things and more and yeaaaaaaaaah <3! THANK YOU

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