maandag 28 juli 2014

JAPAN | Tateyama and Tateyama Castle

We spend a beautiful, hot Sunday in Tateyama, a place located in the prefecture of Chiba. Although located in the same prefecture as Tatsuya's home, it still took us four hours to get there. But long drives in a car are pretty enjoyable. Especially for me, to what everything is something new to see. Not that it didn't fall a sleep a couple of times, hehe.

Screen shot from HERE.

The region we visited is richly cultivated with flowers. A good way to see some beautiful colored flowers is driving along the Flower line. This is a main route in the South area which has a length of 40 km. Next to spotting the flowers, you can check out the sea that can be seen from the same route on the right or left side, depending which way you are traveling (lol).

We stopped at several spots to check out the great views! 

It looked pretty tropical. The only thing missing for it were the palm trees. Other than that the blue sea and humid weather were there!

This is a station.

Even this looks like it could be from somewhere in the Caribbean.

For lunch Tatsuya's parents took us to eat sushi. Just one plate is really more than enough! We had some Japanese tea and soup with it.

Back to sight seeing..
Here we walked up a large hill. It eventually got very steep and we needed to enforce ourselves to go up. It was a pretty good work out I must say. Burning legs in the end!

Tateyama Castle 館山城
What you see on the picture underneath is a castle. It was a pretty breathtaking scenery around there. Also there were a lot of birds and butterflies flying around. This castle has a whole history behind it and the people who lived there, very interesting.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! It was very interesting and fun to walk around there. A place so different from what I have seen in Tokyo. Very thankful for the experience ^^.

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