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JAPAN | Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival - 隅田川花火大会

Noon in Shibuya
Setting a foot outside the door is like walking into a pool of hot steaming water here in Japan. On these hot summer days there is barely nothing that will keep you staying fresh and fruity. Even standing still outside in the open air will make you sweat! Now luckily there are air conditioners in every store for you to cool down. But what I have learned is to not go out in the middle of the day if you don't want to get friend like an egg.

We hadn't eaten breakfast yet so we were deciding where to go to fuel up our energy levels. I was kind of craving for fresh oven baked bread and pastries, but at that moment we didn't know where such a place could be found. Then we encountered Starbucks. So we went there to prevent ourselves from a heat stroke or whatever. I got an iced coffee and Tatsuya a regular one. On the table you see a blueberry scone and underneath Tatsuya's hand a chocolate scone. Breakfast was not so rich in nutrition, but yeah..

Midday in Shinjuku
We took the train towards Shinjuku. On our way to the train station of Harajuku we entered some shopping malls like Marui, Omotesando and others. It think I will blog about those malls some other time! They are very large and interesting places for shopping.

We were supposed to meet up with some friend in Shinjuku, but first we wanted to eat some lunch. Also here we wandered around for quite some time before we choose a place. I don't remember the name of were we ate, but it was good! Tatsuya had rice with salmon fish eggs on top, next to that a miso soup and lettuce. I had Japanese curry with rice. Unfortunately no picture of that. 

When we were done eating we headed back to the station of Shinjuku to meet up with Hana and David. After some time struggling with meeting them we finally found each other! Our chilling time could begin, haha. 

We drank together in an English Pub a few minutes away. We chatted a lot and shared some stories. It was really fun hanging out with them. I got a bit cold in the bar though, from the air conditioning. But other than that, nothing to complain!

On our way to Minami-Senju
Tatsuya told us he new a nice spot to check out the fireworks at night. It would be a spot on the street, with a nice view and without being too crowded. We were all in for that! Unfortunately David already had some plans for the night and could not join us. Therefore it was only the tree of us (Tatsuya, Hana and me).

First we went to a combini to get some food and snacks. Of course we needed to eat dinner so it was very practical for this day in particular. We could sit outside and eat while watching fireworks! This was the first time for me eating prepared food from a combini, but although it isn't really proper, it tasted very good! In Japan they will heat up the food for you and it even comes with chopsticks. Better than McDonalds lol.

My meal. Rice with tofu. I love tofu.

I forgot what Hana's meal is called like. She told me though. It was very tasty.

Aaaand, Tatsuya's meal!

On the right side of the picture above you can see a bit of the Tokyo Sky Tree. Next to the Sky Tree is where we saw the fireworks lit up. I only shot some films of it, so no pictures. ごめんね~!But I can tell you it was so amazing! I even saw smiley faces and pikachu!!! Japan, you are awesome XD! I will be uploading a video about this night so you will see how the fireworks looked like.

Relaxing in a local bar
When the fireworks were finished we were a bit tired. Tatsuya suggested us to leave a bit later so we wouldn't be heading home in a busy train. Because of that we went to a bar a couple of blocks away. We entered, got welcomed very friendly and took a seat. The table was pretty neat. It's made for playing chess on it. I definitely want one. It's so cool. 

When we walked back to the station we had some more interesting conversations. Then we wished Hana a good rest of the night and went our own ways.

It was really nice to meet you Hana! You are awesome. I hope we will meet again soon. This day could not have been more fun. I had such an amazing time.

Thank you for reading everybody! If you have any questions about Japan or whatnot, don't be afraid to ask! Leave a comment or mail me :). Mail is in my bio. 

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