donderdag 31 juli 2014

JAPAN | Shinjuku - Metal bar

Adventures still continued after the Festival Brasil in Yoyogi park. I will show you about it in this blog :). If you want to see what we did earlier on this day then go HERE. I also got a video about it that you can view over HERE

Towards Shinjuku
After a lot of dancing in Yoyogi park we became quite hungry. We already planned to go to the metal bar in Shinjuku, so it would be more than appropriate to get something for dinner there too. From Yoyogi park we walked to the station of Harajuku to take the train to Shinjuku. Within a couple of minutes we were walking through Shinjuku. It was a bit rainy, but luckily we had our umbrella's with us. 

Before we could eat dinner Rob needed to get some new shoes, because his foot were hurting the whole day from the ones he had on. The ones he had on were already new though... 

The rain was starting to settle, as did we in a very nice Ramen place in one of the streets of Kabukicho. A friendly little lady helped us with our orders. She was so kind and helpful, refilling our glasses constantly and making sure we were doing fine. If you think about it... They don't even get tips for their hard work and drinking water is just free everywhere in Japan. In The Netherlands you can't get water for free. Maybe only if you order alcohol you may. Greedy Dutch people..

The Ramen was tasty! The guys ordered some more noodles, I was fine with just one portion. The weather in Japan doesn't make me hungry at all. But yeah, good for me or else I would be eating way too much of all the good stuff there!

Godz Metal Bar
This place is wonderful. I never really thought there would be places like this were you could have a drink and listen to metal music with others that enjoy doing the same. We needed to walk down a couple of stairs to get to this place, it is pretty hidden. When you walk in you notice the intriguing lights, CD collection and coziness of the room right away. The bar isn't that big. Probably an approximate of 20 to 30 people could fit in there, but that doesn't make it any worse!

The songs they were playing could be heard loud and clear. Next to that there is a flat screen on the wall where you can watch the video clip of the song that is playing at that moment. You can even request a song! Make sure it is a metal song, nothing for wusses in there haha. I requested some songs of Chimaira and it was all fine. They played it and showed it on the screen, but when I asked for ONE OK ROCK he said: "We don't have that!". HAHA! I still love you One Ok Rock XD... 

My beer. I don't like beer but, yeah. Now I drank beer in a metal bar whoo~

They have a nice range of drinks to choose from there. On the other hand it is a bit expensive. My beer cost like 600 yen, which would be around 5 euro! Expensive, right? But taking the atmosphere, decoration, seats, chillness and bartenders in consideration it is worth it. It was a nice place to visit Rob, thanks for bringing us.

So like I said I asked for some songs of Chimaira. The first one was Year of the snake. I really love that song. They are actually one of my favorite bands. I also requested Resurrection.

AHAHAHA, now I actually see that I wrote down SNEAK XD.. retard. Glad I took a picture of that lol.

It was so awesome spending some hours there. Hopefully I can go there again this vacation.

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