woensdag 23 juli 2014

JAPAN | Shibuya - Brazilian Festival, Oculus Rift and breakdancers

Hachiko, we meet again!

Meeting up
It was a Saturday afternoon and Tatsuya and me had spent a bit more than an hour traveling towards Shibuya. The plan was to meet up with Rob and Farley who would be waiting for us around 04:00 p.m. at the Hachiko statue. We stepped of the crowded train and took a turn here and there until we found the guys.

Of course, a quick snap with Hachi.

After some chatting Rob told us there was a Brazilian festival in Shibuya, not far away from the station. It was actually located near Yoyogi park. Farley got everyone some drinks and snacks, which was very much appreciated!

Oculus Rift
A bit down the street on our way to the festival we saw a stand where people were trying out the Oculus Rift. It looked so cool yet funny in the way that the people who were trying it out moved their heads up and down. Tatsuya and Rob were next in line and got a chance to experience the Oculus Rift. I was curious about what they were actually seeing!

Apparently they were sitting in a classroom dating with somebody. You could choose whether you wanted to date with a girl or a boy. And the characters weren't animated they said. They were real persons. I'm very curious how it worked, because I didn't try it out. I regret it T_T!

Brazilian Festival

I noticed there were so many Brazilian people visiting the festival. A lot of different types of faces of mixed cultures. I really love seeing that. It was so colorful and music was playing loud for everybody to enjoy. Not to forget the food stands! There was so much food! Food was everywhere!!

Underneath a bridge there was a small group of people jamming together on their drums and other instruments. Super chill, dancing to the beat, smiling at each other. Then more people started to notice and it became really crowded..

Some images are screen shots from video's, that's why the quality differs!

Until everybody just began to dance! I got so happy by looking at them. Even Farley jumped into the circle and started dancing. You will be seeing more of that when I upload my video's of it to my youtube chanel :).

And like I said, there were so many mixed people. Most of them probably half Japanese half Brazilian. I must say these girls were so pretty! 

You might be wondering what this guy is doing in his suit at a Brazilian Festival with the extreme Japanese summer temperatures, lol. He came from a job interview!

On the other side of the bridge
We agreed to go to a chill spot to sit, drink and relax. We walked over a bridge which brought us to a place where people were also dancing to music. Not in a latin way though. Here a lot of people gather and practice their latest dance moves with each other on music that ranged from J-pop to Hiphop and more. 

Turning to the right side there were some guys who were doing an awesome job on entertaining us. They showed us tricks, moves, jumps and steps. Glad I filmed them doing their thing, because they were really good at it! (unfortunately only screen shots from the video's)

Farley did his thing too! I must say you got way better at it Fart.

What a spontaneous day this was! Still, it wasn't over yet! I got part two of this day coming up soon. I went together with them to a Metal bar in Shinjuku. It was a very fascinating place~

Thank you for reading :)!

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