dinsdag 22 juli 2014

JAPAN | Meeting up with friends at Sophia University and Shinjuku

A few years ago I was studying in Rotterdam. It was a business study that required me to learn an Asian language. I choose Japanese. For several hours a week I would study in class and do self-study to improve my Japanese. In my third year I would be able to study and do an internship in Japan. Therefore I would be abroad for a year! Due to personal reasons (I am interested in more science based studies) I stopped my study in Rotterdam and started something else, which I am very pleased with.

But now my former classmates are a year abroad for study and internship. Some went to China, some to Indonesia and others to Japan. There was also a choice to go to India and Vietnam. A nice thing during this vacation in Japan is that I can hang out with them here. 

Sophia University and All You Can Eat buffet
One of my former classmate and friend asked me to join his lecture at his university. After that others would join us for lunch at and All You Can Eat buffet. All you can drink was also part of the 850 yen we paid per person. We sat down with Tatsuya, Rutger, Asmita and David. Asmita and David are also two students from my former study. It was really fun to see them again. David brought two of his friends from university with him.
My first dish. I got fried rice, spaghetti and some lettuce on top.

This was Rutger's plate filled with Croquette and pieces of hamburger. He also had some slices of bread and a plate with rice and Japanese curry. My second dish was also Japanese curry, SO GOOD! And some miso soup.

Tatsuya's plate.

A short walk
Not far away from the university there is a long path which looks like a tiny park. It is a nice area if you want to escape and relax for a bit. Rutger, Tatsuya, Asmita and me strolled around for about a half hour there. 

Little bird was washing himself in the sand, so adorable.

A not so nice things was the huge amount of insects. I never been really scared of insects, but in Japan the insects are way bigger. And let me tell you, big insects are so creepy! Next to that in The Netherlands I am familiar with all the insects, in Japan not. I won't be able to say which could hurt, sting, bite or irritate you. So better keep a good distance from them all!

Back to the city side
After being stung by a couple mosquitoes we thought it was time to head back to the university. Rutger had literature class which he needed to attend.  

Checking out some mosquito bites. He gets stung a lot. Japanese blood might seem more interesting to the mosquito's than Dutch blood, lol.

We hung out until Rutger needed to go to class. We followed him into the hallway, where I got the opportunity to go to the toilet, haha. So he went off, we said goodbye and agreed to see each other very soon again! Asmita went to the library and Tatsuya and me decided to go to Shinjuku. But before we headed to the train station there was a surprise for us outside. We encountered another former classmate of mine. He goes by the name of ISO, but his real name is Ismael though. It looked like he was doing pretty good and enjoying himself here in Japan. He also had literature class, so we said goodbye too and went our own ways.

A few stops away from the Sophia university lays Shinjuku. An awesome, colorful place which looks like it's never sleeping. I really like it. There are so many places where you can shop and eat. Trust me, you won't get bored!

We entered some electronic stores, UNIQLO and others. We also walked in and around kabukicho, 歌舞伎町. I will tell you more about that place in another blog!

At the end of the day I got some skincare products and Tatsuya some snacks. It was a quite long day for us, so we headed back home around 5 p.m. already. We were up around 7:00 a.m.. We managed to avoid the tremendous fuzz around the time that everybody goes home from work. In an hour we were back home and enjoyed our dinner :).

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