woensdag 25 juni 2014

Rotterdam | Vroesenpark

These pictures are from a couple of months ago, when it was still pretty cold outside (lol what am I saying, my country's weather is always cold!). But yeah, it was colder than at the moment now. That didn't withhold my boyfriend and me from chilling outside. We often take a walk outside, read a book or sit on a bench somewhere to catch some fresh air. I think it's way nicer than being stuck inside the house.

* Run pidgey, run!


I used to run a lot in this park, do exercises and stuff. Next to that it is a perfect chilling spot for in the summer time on warm, hot days! The place will be crowded with people everywhere drinking beer and having a BBQ. We went on a day when it looked like there was literally nobody, but that didn't make it any worse :).

Annoyed goose!
So there were two gooses, minding their own business. Then all of a sudden Tatsuya interrupts them. 

*Goose notices Tatsuya getting closer*

*Goose is not amused*

"Yo bro!"

"Come at me bro!"

"Come...at... me.......QUACK!"

Did not do my hair, if you haven't noticed!

Cute-fake-rainbow-inflatable-bunny-duck. That's right, you read it right. 

Really love this picture!!

 Reading some books
I don't think you might know this, but Tatsuya and me are huge Game of Throne fans. We love the series, so we decided to start reading the books. Yeah, I know, "better read the books first!", I agree with you on that one, but I rarely read books. Now that time changed though. Reading books is awesome! Haha. I'm super into it and can't wait to start reading other books. I want to read as much as possible before season five starts next year.

This is a page from the first book. I am done reading this and already busy with the second one :). 

I read the books in the Dutch language. Just for a simple reason, I am Dutch. People asked me why I don't read the English one. I know it is nice to spike up my English vocabulary and stuff, but  I speak English for almost 80% of my conversations each day. The rest is Dutch and Spanish. Maybe some percentage in Japanese, hehe. Then again, I felt like reading the Dutch one. Probably some day I will read it in English. 

He reads in English.

After spending some hours outside we went back home to make some pancakes. I have become a pro at it, I must say. These were soooo good! With cheese, bacon and some more cheese. Also some plain ones. The ones with cheese are awesome with honey on them O_O. We ate them on the balcony, so we could still enjoy the sun.

Now I think about it, I haven't ate pancakes for like three months! Damn, I need those in my cheatdays again <3.

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