donderdag 26 juni 2014

Japanmarkt 2014

In memory of the visit from the Japanese emperor, which he made to Rapenburg, the Japanese museum "SieboldHuis" organized the "Japanmarkt" for the 7th time! This is an annual event which takes place in the city Leiden, not far from the Central Station. The theme of this year was: "Miniature in the Japanese culture.". 

It took place on Sunday the 25th of May. It was open from 12:00 pm to 17:00 pm.

A video I made of the event 

I must say it was pretty fun! There was a lot to buy, eat and see. It got very crowded later on the day, which on the contrary, was very pleasant. For me it showed how much interest there was in this type of markets. 

My Japanmarkt goodies
Of course I did not left empty handed. I had to buy some snacks at least, for there were plenty!

Very delicious mochi, which I unfortunately left to get fungus after a few days. My boyfriend told me they were best to be kept inside a fridge. Something I forgot to do... Luckily I had small bites of both of them before they got nasty.

These were soooooo gooood! Matcha green tea cookies with some chocolate in the middle <3.

Some yaki something? Forgot the name of it. I will be sure to update this post with the correct name, hihi. It had red bean paste inside and it was very good too!

I'm glad I went this year. It was a beautiful day! Hope to go next year too.

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