maandag 30 juni 2014

Boekhandel van Rossum

*The font and blue color of the bookstore caught my eye!*

If you read my blog post called: AMSTERDAM | Japanese shops, food and more! maybe you remembered that I would make a post about a very cool bookstore in Amsterdam. 

My friends and me were having a good time walking around in Amsterdam discovering Japanese supermarkets and stores. Then we came across "Boekhandel van Rossum". It was on the same street as the Meidi-Ya store which we visited too. 

We spend almost a half hour walking through the bookstore and checking out the books they had. It felt so cosy inside, very warm and welcoming. The dark brown color of the bookshelves took part in that, I must say. But not only the interior made us feel welcomed, also the people that work there did. They are very friendly! It looked like they were family, haha.

They have a broad set of books which ranges in novels, scientific books, history books, books about psychology and plenty more. On the right side, in the back of the store, there is also a section dedicated to younger readers. 

A thing I very much appreciate from bookstores like Boekhandel van Rossum is that it barely feels like a store. It isn't strictly organized. The books aren't stacked up perfectly next or on top of each other. So it makes you feel like you are looking through somebodies bookshelves at home. Such a plus! 


Whenever I am in Amsterdam I would love to visit this bookstore again and maybe bring a interesting book back with me. So yeah, I don't have nothing negative to say about Boekhandel van Rossum. It was great!

If you are interested in visiting this bookstore don't hesitate. Especially for booklovers :). Next to that there is a lot more to see in and around the street where the store is located.

Their website

Beethovenstraat 32
1077 JH Amsterdam


Thank you guys for reading! :)

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