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Kingsday | Rotterdam

I know I am a little bit late with this post, but there is no doubt in sharing this with you guys. Instead of Queensday, the Dutch now celebrate Kingsday. I spend my day walking around Rotterdam with my boyfriend from early morning until late in the evening. We did not have anything planned, so we would just see were the day would take us.

Hello Rotterdam

After staring at these fascinating ducks we noticed how busy the streets were, already in the early morning. It felt so pleasant being outside, absorbing the warmth from the sun rays. The people were dressed in orange and running their errands. They seemed so happy. I think the weather took a part in that. 

Rotterdam Central Station

On the way towards the city center we walk through the main station of Rotterdam. "Centraal Station" like it is called in Dutch. As you see it was super crowded. Probably most of the people were heading to Amsterdam. Must have been crazy in the trains that day!

The new station of Rotterdam. Looks awesome don't you think? Might be a bit of a weird design for a train station, but it is quite innovative. I really like the station. It is very spacious. Also the shapes and dimensions make it very interesting. Didn't take a proper picture though. Maybe some other time.

This spot is right across the station entrance. On the right you can see a screen which shows commercials and such. It's a very big thing to have that hanging in a city for this farmers country, haha. Rotterdam is starting to look so modern. I must say it is very nice. Rotterdam is definitely one of my favorite cities here in The Netherlands. 

At night this building lights up a dozen of little lights that will look like stars. Shining and twinkling.

Nutella Crepes

The first thing we did was getting a sweet and delicious snack. I never ate crepes in The Netherlands before, so I was curious. We went to this store not far away from the station, maybe a 5 minute walk. This store sells crepes with nutella, but also with a lot of other ingredients that will make your taste buds feel like they are in heaven! Now that is what I thought when I saw the menu. My boyfriend and I just went for the crepe with nutella, a plain one. They make the crepe in front of you. It was very impressive to see how they pour the crepe mix on the heated plate, gently even it out, wait until it can be turned around and make it evenly brown on both sides. Then they butter on the nutella for it to be complete. And woow it was good!

Shopping time

A typical thing during Queensday, what is now Kingsday, is all the second-hand stuff that everybody is selling. Your family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors all go on to the streets and sell their belongings. The city becomes like a huge jumble sale. Chances are big you find some good stuff between there for a very affordable price.

The first thing we bought was a orange soccer ball, because we wanted to play some soccer on the end of the day. The fun thing about it was that the quality of the ball was really decent and the price was very affordable. It was just 5 euros.

Of course you could hear music on every corner of the streets. Not only booming tunes out of huge speaker, but also live music!

People sitting so close to the edge that I got worried of them, haha. It was so busy here that it wouldn't be shocking if somebody fell in the water.

Not impressed Tatsuya is not impressed.

 What is Gustavo Fring doing here O_O?

 Lunch time

Omelet with bacon and cheese on top of brown bread, with a small salad on the side.

I choose a vegetable wrap with an egg inside, covered with rucola.

Back to shopping

Suddenly a lot of people were gathering and music started playing loudly. I was curious so I went to take a look. There was a dance group standing in the middle, between the crowd. They started stepping. In this particular dance they use their body as an instrument and make the most awesome beats. Definitely a joy to the eye of any music or dance lover!

A while later we walked towards "Witte de Withstraat". My boyfriend and me go there frequently to get a drink or go out for dinner. Today the street was filled with Dutch spirited people and as we call it "Gezelligheid". That word does not translate into English, but it means something like cozy, fun, sociable etc..

I like this picture, because of the spontaneous smile ^_^.

Challenge of the day
Images are print screens from video.

We have been walking for a while and then something caught our attention. There was this challenge or game, whatever you want to call it, were you needed to hang on to a metal pole for about a minute and a half. It wasn't for free, there was a fee of 1 euro, but if you would complete the challenge you would win 10 euro's! So why not try, right? The downside was that I was wearing a dress, so the only way I could hang on it was with just both my hands. I saw some other peoples grabbing on to it in many different but better ways. Not that I am making any excuses, but I also had muscle pain from bodypump, a class I take at the gym. Hehehehe. 

Yes, it looked quite silly, but yeah why not try!

After hanging for about 50 seconds, unsurprisingly I fell off, haha.

Fun to see how the people thought it was funny too!

Yeah, just walk it off now ~

The girls next to me tried to sell me cupcakes. They looked very delicious and I guess they were made by themselves. Unfortunately I just had lunch!

Nieuwe Binnenweg

One of the last things we did was walking along this long road called "Nieuwe Binnenweg". A friend told us it would be full of stalls, booths and people selling their stuff on the rug they brought with them. It was a whole lot of fun and so crowded. Music coming from everywhere, people walking back and fort, having conversations. Awesome.

Self-made cakepops!

Walking back home

I think we got these games for a total of 12 euro or so. Eternal Sonata was just 5 euros!

Dirty gamecube controller for 3 euro's.

Still thinking why Tatsuya wanted this. It looks cool though, haha. Just for 2,50.

A hat Tatsuya bought to wear that day, bought in a store.

Tatsuya is going to teach me how to play this. Forgot for how much we got it. 

But yeah, there you have it. My Kingsday in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed the pictures :).

A fun fact I want to share with you guys.... So Queensday has always been on the 30th of April, but this year Kingsday was on the 26th of April. Guess what tourist did on the 30th of April? They went outside fully dressed in orange thinking the feast would be on that day, hahaha. Blame it on the tourist guides I think for not changing the date? 

Thanks for reading!

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