vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Cosplay | Red Wig no.1

About few months ago I ordered my new Cosplay wig from Lightinthebox.com. It is a great site for cheap and good wigs, in my opinion. I never have been disappointed with delivery or quality, though most of the wigs come from China, haha. 

This is the wig I bought:

Image is from Lightinthebox.

I am really satisfied. The wig fits perfect! The reason that I bought this wig is because I want to Cosplay Yoko Littner. I explained about it in a blog entry I made some time ago. If you want to check it out, click HERE.

Here some pictures with me and the wig!

I got some water spots on my sweater, don't freak out lol.

I also wore my Candy brown circle lenses to make these pictures.

The tail is detachable. It is very convenient, also for storing the wig back up again. 

Of course I need to style the wig a bit in the way Yoko wears it. For example the bangs need to be teased to keep them up. Overall I can not wait until I finish my Cosplay ^_^! More posts about it will be uploaded here too, so stay up to date by subscribing here or on bloglovin'! 

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