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MISSHA | Near SKIN Total Repairing Hydro-Gel Mask review

As the most of you might know, I have been to Japan and it would have been a crime to not bring some skin care products back home with me, wouldn't it? Hehehe. That is because skin care products in Japan are amazing! 

One of the things I bought in December was this Total Repairing HYDRO-GEL MASK. It wasn't until recently that I have used it. So here you go, another skin care product review!




First of all, I want to introduce you to Missha. It's a Korean skin care and cosmetic brand. I heard about them several times, but I never used their products. Until now!

When I was walking over the streets of Shibuya, in Japan, I saw a Missha store. I decided to take a look inside and see what they had to offer. The store ranged from makeup to body lotions and from facial masks to hair products. It was very interesting. Now, I wasn't really looking for something, so I thought to myself that I could try out one of their facial masks. I choose the Near SKIN Total Repairing Hydro-Gel Mask. It cost me 500 yen. That's about 5 euro or less.

So what does this mask claim to do for you?
When you get older your skin loses elasticity and other things you may want to preserve. For an emergent repair, this gel mask is the solution! It will result in a moisturized and firmed up skin. It contains wrinkle repairing substances which have a long lasting effect, up to 24 hours. It will make your face come alive instantly with the intensively nourishing benefits. 

This mask also contains Thermo-sensitivity technology. It will help activate ingredients to penetrate effectively into the skin. 

And to sum it all up for you:

• Moisturizing •
• Firming •
• Wrinkle repairing •
• Hyaluronic Acid •
• Coenzyme Q10 •
• Long lasting effect, up to 24 hours •

How to use: 
  1. After washing your face, apply toner.
  2. Gently open the pouch. Remove the plastics protections films covering the mask.
  3. Apply the first sheet, which is removed from the transparent plastics, onto the upper part of the face. Repeat with the second sheet to the lower part of the face. 
  4. After 20~ 40 minutes remove the mask sheets and pat leftover essence softly into the skin for it to be fully absorbed.

* For a cooling gel mask, keep the mask in the refrigerator before using * 
* Use after being in the sun for to long, or when your skin is in serious need for repair *

I like how the first ingredients say: Water, Glycerin. Glycerin helps the skin keep its moisture. In a future post about a DIY body scrub, I will explain how exactly Glycerin is beneficial for the skin.

These are the sheets covered with the films.

Here I have got the upper part of the mask on my face.

And here also the lower part.

My thoughts
Packaging - The red color of the packaging and the golden font give a mature and sophisticated feeling to it. I think it is a good way to appeal a older segment of consumers. A packaging with pink or bright colors would less likely appeal to consumers in need of, lets say, wrinkle repair.

The way how the sheets are covered and saved in the packaging by the films gave me the impression that this mask was of very high quality. The films are easy to remove, so no inconvenience.

The sheet(s) - Both the sheets are easy to apply to the face. After placing them in the right position, they very much stay in place, even if you are walking around or moving your head around. They don't fall or glide off. The texture of the sheets feel pretty firm. Next to that it has ridges, which probably has something to do with the firmness and steadiness.

The essence - The texture of the essence is a mix between water and a gel like, see through substance. It has a strong scent, which is difficult to explain how it smells like. It isn't that bad though. Once it touched my face it gave me a cold, but very nourishing sensation. As if it was really penetrating through my skin.  

Experience - After keeping it on for about 40 minutes, I took the sheets off. My skin didn't felt soft nor smooth. It felt rather super DUPER hydrated and very plump(in a good way). I think this mask would be great for people with dry skin or irritated skin. It is no lie that this is a very moisturizing mask! I padded the leftover essence into my face and neck. It gets a bit sticky, which isn't that pleasant. 

  • Attractive packaging
  • First impressions: good quality and professional
  • Stays in place after applying, even when walking and moving around
  • Very moisturizing!
  • Skin feels nourished and fresh
  • Easy to use

  • The essence is a bit to sticky

It is a great recovery mask! I would definitely buy this mask again and especially use it after a day of too much sunlight hitting my face or when I feel tired. It is like an emergency mask to refresh yourself which really does wonders, but it could be a bit too rich for some! My skin feels fresh, new, but maybe a bit too moisturized, haha. So I would advise to use it when your skin is in serious need of moisture and hydration.

I would love to know if you ever used this mask. What benefits did it have for you? Or maybe it wasn't the case for you at all? 

Thanks for reading :)

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