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Japan - Day 14: Hachiko and burgers

Hello guys! This will be the last post about my Japan travel diary, or whatever it is called. At this moment I don't have more [Japan - Days] to show you... at this particular moment... I say that because maybe, somewhere in the near future, I will be posting more about Japan. Yes, yes I might go there on vacation soon again ^^. 

But anyhow, I still have Day 14 to show you guys. Day 14 was exactly two days before I went back home to The Netherlands. I didn't make any interesting pictures after day 14, but I had tons of fun being together with Tatsuya and his family. They gathered everybody at his parents place, we ate, played games and chatted.

SO, day 14 right, haha.. Around that time Tatsuya wanted to meet up with a friend. He arrived a couple of days earlier in Japan and agreed to hang out with us. He is from England, also a long way from home. Though Japan would be his home for the year.

Shopping in Shibuya
Before leaving Japan I still had the chance to go shopping, get souvenirs, taste foods and drink Starbucks again. We did that together with Samuel. Around noon we met up with him at the Hachiko Statue. It is a spot where people like to meet up. On the next picture I'm holding the doggies leg.

First things first, we got a beverage at Starbucks. From up in the Starbucks next to Shibuya Crossing we could look down over the crowded crossing. I really enjoy sitting up there. The only downside to it is that the spot is quite busy, but apart from that it's splendid. We chatted a lot and Tasuya and Samuel had the chance to catch up with each other, sharing memories. Which were very fun to hear about, haha.

We entered the 109men's and 109women's department stores. And ooooh my, this day it was CRAZY BUSY! Holy moly. There was a sea of people inside. In the men's department store you could kind of still walk, but for the women's.... No way! I needed to swim through people to get the chance to even look at stuff. So we didn't stay for long.

After surviving those incredibly busy department stores, we got hungry. And so we searched for a decent place to fill up our tummies. I think searching for a restaurant took us longer than eating the meal. We went right, left, up down, took stairs and elevators until we finally all agreed on this particular restaurant that I don't remember the name of anymore. I looked very nice as for the meals, they looked even nicer. I think it was some kind of Taiwanese restaurant. Too bad I did not take a picture of the dishes thought. Probably I was too hungry. When we were done eating our energy levels where up high again! So we left and did a some more shopping.

Shops, shops, shops
Walking through these busy streets was enjoyable. I bought some more stuff here and there but not long after that we visited some stores which Tatsuya and Samuel wanted to visit. It was a fun experience being led by two guys in and out stores, looking specifically at menswear. I saw some very interesting brands and super high fashion brands, also some I never heard of even. At the end of our shopping adventure we walked through a big alley. It felt as if it was a hidden street, without bright lights, but there were a lot of really interesting stores. I saw so much unique clothing and beautiful decorations. There was a HipHop store selling really old an vintage looking pieces, there was a Lolita store which sells one-of-a-kind self-made skirts, dresses and accessories and plenty more. One day I want to go back there and have an even better look.

Friends and Hamburgers
We walked back to Takeshita street and met up with more of Tatsuya's friends. The fun thing was that two of his friend were Dutch, what a coincidences. So, night had fallen already and our tummies started to growl again. So one of the guys suggested a restaurant not far from there. It was an completely American styled restaurant. The menu looked great! They sold the most awesome burgers. Now, for me, I wasn't that hungry so I shared a meal with Tatsuya.

I believe the first drink was free. We could go and fill up the drinks ourselves. I never drink soda, but on this occasion I choose a melon flavored drink. It sounded delicious. 

Some Purikura we took in Takeshita Street. Check out >THIS< blogpost to know more about it.

The burgers came on a big plate. Supposedly very hot, because they were piping when put in front of us! It was quite impressive to see. As you can see on the next picture it was needed to put your paper up so no burning oils would hit you or you clothing. 

These pictures are screenshots of video's I made!

We chatted a lot and had a very good time. Afterwards we decided to get a drink in a bar nearby.

Drinks and Karaoke

I chose this berry drink. It tasted pretty sweet and no alcohol was included, so it was perfect for me, haha. It was expensive though. If I remember right a drink like this costed between 500 to 800 yen. That would be around five to eight euros.

When we were done drinking we went to spend a bit more time together in a Karaoke bar. It was really fun. We stayed their for around an hour or so. 

Thanks for reading my last post about my trip to Japan. If you want to read the others you can find them in the links below:

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