donderdag 17 april 2014

Japan - Day 13: New Years Day!

I never celebrated new years eve without my parents. Every year, for as long as I can remember, I have spend the 31st of December until past midnight, 1st of January, at home. Call me lucky if the first time celebrating without my parents would be in Japan. So, go me "lucky"! Hehehe. Because that was the case last new years of 2013/2014 :)!

I am so happy I could experience that. Nothing changed in the way it was celebrated though. Just comfy, at home, watching television. I watched a song festival kind of thing on TV that night. It was interesting to see all those Japanese bands, actors and actresses and solo artists performing. I also saw on TV how people celebrated the new years eve at temples and shrines all around Japan. Very beautiful.

Yeah, it was nice and relaxing. Even so relaxing that my boyfriend fell asleep and still fast asleep at 00:00 a.m., hahaha.

The Day After
There was a planning made, before going to Japan, that on the first day of the new year we would visit Tatsuya's sister and her husband. It would be an hour drive through Tokyo. I was stoked to hear, because I could look at the scenery of high buildings and narrow streets, or fall asleep in the car again haha. 

We parked the car a few minutes away from his sisters house and took a moment to look at the gorgeous view. The weather was great again, with a lot of sunshine!

Tiny seagull, I see you!

She lives up in an apartment. In a few seconds we were up with the elevator, arrived at our destination. It didn't took long or we were enjoying the sweet tastes of the Japanese cuisine :). Unfortunately we did not stay over for long, but there was something else in store for us.

Shrine and Temple visits

On new year's day it is very common for Japanese people to visit a Shrine. They also visit them on the night of the 31st of December.

A place where you are asked to wash your hands.

A funny detail you might have seen in the pictures, is that this place was in the middle of a city. You can see the nice architecture of the old buildings, but if you look closer you can see tall buildings of concrete behind it. 

It was a interesting experience. Totally different from the Dutch manners I grew up with. It made me think of how other countries celebrate their new year's. 

Finally we headed back to the car to go back home. I can't really remember if me and Tatsuya went out on adventures afterwards, or if we just stayed home that day. But what I know is that it was a very special day, full of joy. I also learned a lot more about the customs of around and during new year's. 


Not so much talk, more pictures this time. I hope you enjoyed this post :). There is still one post coming up, that will be the last one of my vacation in Japan.

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