dinsdag 8 april 2014

A Happier Human

So there I sat on my couch, doing my daily scroll through my Facebook wall, unconsciously sucking up useless information about people. Nothing special, commenting and liking some pictures. Then I came across something really nice that Blogilates posted. She posts inspirational stuff most of the time about a healthy and happy lifestyle, which I really like. Here was what she posted:

15 Ways to be a Happier Human: 
1. Appreciate your life. 
2. Choose friends who make you feel good. 
3. Keep learning everyday. 
4. Compliment others. 
5. Always look for the solution, not the problem. 
6. Laugh! 
7. Take a moment to enjoy life, and stop to see how far you've come. 
8. Forgive people and stop holding grudges. 
9. Keep your promises. 
10. Live clean. Live honest. 
11. Love unconditionally. 
12. Invest in the people you love. 
13. Never give up. 
14. Exercise. 
15. Believe in yourself.
Thought this may brighten up your day! Anything you would like to add to the list?
I wanted to share this with you guys too, because I believe that those ways can certainly give a positive effect in your life. As for me, I talk out of experience. Some of those I applied to my life, some I am still working on. Not everything is achieved just in one go, it takes some time. What do you think about these ways? Are you already living by some of them?

If you are into ambient, check out this, so relaxing:

I wish you guys a bright, lovely and amazing day :)! See you soon.


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