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Purikura in Japan



Purikura comes from the word Print Club. In Japanese they say: "Purinto Kurabu" These huge Japanese photo booths are very popular among young girls in general. Inside the photo booth you can take digital pictures of yourself and your friends, which your can edit and decorate by using a stylus on a touch screen. After you are done decorating them your pictures will be printed out. They come in multiple copies that will make it easier to cut them out and dived them with your friend. It is also possible to send them to your e-mail address or mobile phone. In Japan, be sure to have a Japanese e-mail address!

The photo booth enhances your features by itself. It will make your skin brighter, eyes bigger and face smaller. All the features that are in generally wanted by the women in Japan. So when you are done taking several pictures you step out of the booth to continue with decorating your pictures. There are a lot of things you can add and every Purikura photo booth has its own style. With the stylus you can add sparkles, hearts, stamps, text, frames and more. There is also an option to draw on them with any color you desire.

When you are done decorating your pictures they will be printed out. Some come on photopaper and some are stickers which you can put anywhere to decorate. The quality is very good. Next to that the lay-out is very neat and it looks super cute! There is also the option to send the pictures to your e-mail or mobile phone. You can type in your e-mail address (in Japan it needs to be a Japanese one, from my experience) and the photo booth does the rest.

Popular Purikura
There are so many photo booths to choose from. In Japan they will have a whole floor full of only Purikura booths. They can be found in shopping areas and in arcade halls. Costumers pick out a Purikura booth based on their popularity. Some will have really long queues in front of them to get Purikura, because they have been featured in a popular magazine.

My Purikura
The first Purikura was made in Shibuya, 渋谷区. We walked through the stations hallways and came across a booth they were promoting. To lovely girls asked us if we wanted to take a picture. It was free of charge! We even had the chance to be displayed on the big screen above Shibuya crossing at 5 p.m., but we didn't went to look.

The second Purikura I have taken was in Kashiwa, 柏市. My boyfriend and I picked out a random booth. It looked very attractive from the outside. The booth was called "Silky". 

The third Purikura I took was in Takeshita street, 竹下-どり. Our friend recommended "CherryCherry" which had incredibly cute decoration. We mad sure to use a lot of them, haha.

I noticed that both booths had very good lightening inside. Also both of the booths gave tips on how to pose. So that's why we made these types of faces.

These pictures are pretty small, but big enough to see detail. The whole print is as big as my hand is. They are in the perfect shapes to be cut out. The CherryCherry one came with three strips of pictures. One for our friend, one for my boyfriend and one for me. Actually two for me~ I keep them save, hehe.

Prices are about 400 yen!

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