maandag 17 maart 2014

Pokemon Center Tokyo, Japan

(These images are print screens from the video's I made.)

For all the Pokémon fans, and I know there are a lot, this blog will be dedicated to the Pokémon Center, Tokyo! I  definitively wanted to take a look there while I was visiting Japan. I mainly stayed in Tokyo, so the most obvious one to go to was the Pokémon Center in Tokyo. Though there are several Pokémon Centers like:

• Pokémon Center Sapporo • Pokémon Center Tohoku • Pokémon Center Tokyo-Bay • Pokémon Center Yokohama • Pokémon Center Nagoya • Pokémon Center Osaka • Pokémon Center Fukuoka •

Pokémon Center Tokyo, Japan

These retail stores are full, and when I say full I mean SUPER FULL of only Pokémon merchandise. The merchandise includes plushies, clothing, candy, dishes, games, DVD's, manga, toys, cellphone accessories, CD's, Pokémon cards and much more. Anything you name, they have it. 

Whoa, incoming Charizard!

I must say, it was a little bit disappointing. I had no clue these Pokémon Centers where only for selling goods. I thought it would be more interactive as in like robot Pokémon moving around while you play the newest Pokémon game in a special game corner or hearing the Pokémon Center tune playing through the speakers, or maybe even seeing nurse Joy with Chansey's entertaining the costumers.

I didn't look up anything about the Pokémon Centers before going though. But still, attracting a huge amount of not only kids, but also young adults, grandparents (taking their grandchildren with them) and foreigners, I thought it would have more to offer then only merchandise. If I could mark something for improvement, I would say to make it somehow more interactive.

If you are ever considering to visit the Pokémon Center in Tokyo, check out the map below. The red arrow points to where the Pokémon Center is and the green heart indicates the nearby station. Really convenient, isn't it? 

I fount the map here.

The only thing I purchased at the Pokémon Center was a really かわいい cellphone sleeve. They were purchasable in different color themes like, green, blue and I think also purple, but I am not sure. I got this one!

Pikachu approves!

Yaay! Really happy with it :). So, Thank you for reading this post. More interesting entries to come! So stay up to date by subscribing our follow me on bloglovin'. 

Have an awesome day, byebyeee!

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