dinsdag 4 maart 2014

Japan - Day 9: Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa - Part 3 (3/3)

Click on the links above if you haven't read part one and/or two yet. I recommend it if you want to see some nice pictures!

An experience I won't forget. I'm glad I took lots of pictures. Now I can look back at the view whenever I want. Not that those memories will flee any time soon though :).

On the way to a vending machine I came across the Sky Tree's mascots. They must look very pretty by night when they light up. I got my bottle of water out of the vending machine and I returned back to were Tatsuya and his dad were waiting for me.

Before walking to Asakusa ( 浅草 ) and Kappabashi street (  合羽橋, kappabashi-dori ) we had a little snack. What looked surprisingly cute. 

It tasted very good. There was chocolate cream with almonds flavor (I think I ate that one, hehe), custard with cinnamon apple, red bean paste flavor with marrons and much more. It was so great sitting in the sun, looking up towards the Sky Tree and omnomnoming on tasty food.

Then it was time to leave the Tokyo Sky tree.

I think those represent the Chinese Zodiac signs.

We were still able to see the Tokyo Sky Tree from about a 15 minutes away. 

We walked over this bridge and strolled through the city to get to Nakamise Street. 

There were lots of little shops with interesting goods. The thing I have noticed here, is that the people are way more relaxed than in Shibuya. Shop owners and co-workers don't scream for attention to get people to buy at their stores, like how they do in Shibuya. The people in Shibuya are more hasty and emotionless from the way I saw it.

Nakamise Street, 仲見世通り, nakamise-dori

This street is very famous. They sell a lot of souvenirs and foods. And wow, it was super crowded! Nakamise Street ( 仲見世通り, nakamise-dori) is a street that leads up to the oldest temple in Tokyo, called Senso-ji (金龍山浅草寺, Kinryū-zan Sensō-ji). It is a Shinto shrine which is visited by tourist from in and outside of Japan.

The other side of Nakamise street.

My boyfriend told me a bit about the history of this Shrine, which was very interesting.

After looking around and taking pictures at the shrine we walked towards the city center. We ate some sushi and played a few rounds in a batting center. That was one of the things I wanted to do in Japan, lol. It was so much fun yet pretty difficult, because I haven't swung a bat in years. The next day we were a bit sore.

Taken with my phone.

 Kappabashi street, 合羽橋, kappabashi-dori

We walked down this long, long street full of shops dedicated to selling kitchen items. They supply particularly for restaurants and not always directly to consumers. They sell everything you can even think of. Even fake food! Yes, they sell fake food which the restaurants owners display in front of their restaurants.

And that way of displaying the food you sell in your restaurant, instead of sticking the menu up against the window, WORKS! The fake foods look so real that you'll start questioning yourself if it really is fake. 

It looks incredible and so edible, but it is not, don't get fooled. Hahaha. 

In my videos you will see more of it!

Thank you for checking out my blog :). Have a great day~

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