vrijdag 28 maart 2014

Japan - Day 12: Cycling in Abiko

When you think of Japan, you'd probably imagine beautiful scenery. I know I do. Of course a lot of people think about extreme Japanese stuff, but let me tell you that there is way more to Japan than the things you might generally know. For example, nature!

On day 12 we took it easy and stayed in Abiko, 我孫子市. Abiko-shi ('shi' means city) is located in the prefecture of Chiba. Right here:

Image from google maps.

Little present
A day before I got a present for my birthday from one of my boyfriend 's friends. I did not expect that at all. I thought it was so kind of him. I think this is also the first time I got Leonidas chocolates. They were really good. Thanks, Gaku!

Cycling time!
Somewhere around two p.m. we prepared ourselves for this amazing ride along a huge lake. My boyfriend told me the sunset over there is beautiful. So I did not forget to bring my camera! His dad lend us two bikes and we were ready to go. It took us about 15 to 20 minutes to get to the lake, in a slow tempo.

The upcoming pictures don't really need much caption. Enjoy please!

Most derpest selfie ever lol.

The sunset was beautiful indeed! I couldn't believe my eyes. The colors and warmth gave me such a satisfying feeling.  

And this derpie enjoyed it a lot too!

Back home!
It was an exhausting day of cycling. I think we took more than 2,5 hours to go around the lake, including cycling back home. But oh boy, I really want to do the same in the summertime if I become that lucky ^_^!

When we got home we had the time to freshen up before dinner was ready. And as always dinner was delicious. Here is a picture of a raw egg, super orange. Which I think indicates that it is very fresh. Did you know that you can eat eggs raw in Japan?

Hope you liked the pictures!


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