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Japan - Day 11: Shinjuku

Day eleven, the day after my birthday. We woke up early to grab some breakfast. It was certainly nice waking up in a Japanese styled hotel. The colors, the tatami floor, the low table. Everything looked so authentic. 

We prepared ourselves and packed the little stuff we had with us and left. After a few turns and crossings here and there we arrived at the station. There was a nice looking place were we saw people enjoying their breakfast a la French, so we went inside. What they had to offer looked really delicious. We grabbed a croissant, melon bread and a croissant with chocolate if I remember right. We washed it down with some coffee. With our tanks fueled we were ready to explore Shinjuku (新宿区, Shinjuku-ku).

The first thing I went looking for in Shinjuku was makeup and some type of hair wax for women. I will feature those some other time in another blog post. Of course those type of things aren't difficult to find in Japan. There are multiple stores selling these goods on each corner of the street. After buying what I wanted we entered a mall. Instead of Bubble Tea we decided to get some Starbucks Coffee (again, we drank too much Starbucks coffee if you ask me haha).

From a vending machine we got water for on the way. I still adore how Japanese companies design their packaging for bottles, foods and whatnot. 

We were thinking about what to eat for lunch. But as you might know now, lunch is no big deal in Japan. There are plenty of places which serve warm, healthy, affordable and quality foods. We would just wander around and enter any decent looking restaurant. After that my boyfriend wanted to meet up with a former colleague.  

Lunch at Ootoya
Up the elevator we went, to enter Ootoya, 大戸屋. They serve a lot of home-styled dishes here. You can picture yourself home-made meals that a Japanese mother would make, but then for restaurants. As almost in every restaurant in Japan,  your meal will include miso soup and rice as part of your main dish. Check out their website HERE if you want to know more about Ootoya. 

Reading his book and waiting for food.

I don't remember what exactly we chose for lunch, but what I do remember is that it was delicious! I didn't take pictures of the food, because I was way too hungry, haha. The plate was well organized and prepared as it should. For just around 1000 yen you will be stuffed. When you are in Japan go an try it. From experience, you won't be disappointed! 

A side from the food the view was nice too. We could look down over a crossing. By the way, this restaurant from Ootoya, in specific, is called: Ootoya Gohandokoro Shinjukunishiguchio Guard. 

(Still frames from video.)

Left or right, both sides have a Mac Donalds, lol. 

Gathering in Kashiwa
After meeting up with Tatsuya's former colleague, which didn't go as planned, we traveled to Kashiwa, 柏市. If you want to know more about that city check out my post about Day 8 in Japan. This night my boyfriend had a gathering with old classmates from highschool. They hadn't seen each other for a really long time. Some came all the way from Osaka, 大阪市. We had a nice evening in an Izakaya where foods and drinks were served. It was fun!

When everybody was done eating and drinking we left and went to a Karaoke place not far from this Izakaya. Things became a bit crazy, lol. But then again, another awesome day in awesome Japan! We took the cab home and had a good night rest.

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Thank you for reading~ I hope you liked this post. Stay tuned for more ^_^.

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