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Japan - day 10: Birthday and Christmas Illumination in Odaiba

I celebrated my birthday in Japan! That automatically makes it the most awesome birthday that I have had until now, hihi. Of course being in Japan and all didn't make it the only reason. This was the day I would go to the Pokémon Center. Yes... I am a girl like that. I don't need big presents or going out to fancy restaurants. Just sitting in my relaxing clothes, watching some good movie with the ones I love is just perfect. But yeah, going to Pokémon Center was super duper fine too :D!

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Now, I thought that would be it for the day. To go and check out what the Pokémon Center was all about and explore the area around it. Doing a little bit of shopping, snapping some pictures. But little did I know, my boyfriend had something planned out already. He surprised me big time!

Walking towards..
My boyfriend said he wanted to go somewhere, but he was a tad mysterious about it. It didn't bother me at all. Every street we walked in, every corner we took, every building we passed by, it was all just fine :). The city looks so modern and the streets are very clean. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Metro passing by.

We were getting closer and closer to a monorail station. Still I had no idea where we were heading to. We entered the station, took the stairs up to the platform and waited for the next monorail to come. I noticed these particular monorails did not have a driver in front. Which was really awesome, completely automatic it came up to the platform. So, my boyfriend wanted us to go sit were the view was the nicest.

All the way in front! The city lights shined so bright that night. Dark shadows of buildings rose out from the horizon, with lights portraying their silhouette. Where were we heading for? Then he told me we were heading for Odaiba. My eyes got bigger and bigger the closer we got.

Odaiba Christmas Illumination
The Christmas illuminations is something you shouldn't miss when being in Tokyo. I had the chance to go and see them in Obaiba, お台場. This is an artificial island in the bay of Tokyo. 

Approaching the Rainbow Bridge

Fuji TV Station
The next frames are from the Fuji TV Station. This is their headquarters and woaw it looks cool! I kept staring as the colors continuously changed. It was amazing.

On the left side of the next picture you can see the illuminated Ferris wheel with a height of 115 meters. Pretty! You would probably have a great view from up there.

Arrived in Odaiba
We didn't want to miss out on the illumination, so the first thing we did when we arrived was taking a stroll outside. I can imagine why couples would like to go and spend an evening out here. It is so pretty and peaceful. Not to mention romantic! 


And here you see the Rainbow Bridge in all its glory. The name reminded me of the toughest level in Mario Kart 64. This bridge connects Odaiba with the rest of Tokyo. You can also pass the bridge by foot, car and train.

Humongous Christmas tree. 

We took some stairs down and followed a path onto sandy ground. It was a beach looking like place (I couldn't really see, because it was very dark). Holy crap how nice! The view was perfect. The water, bridge and buildings around us. The illuminations reflected on the water, making the surrounding even more colorful and bright. Breathtaking I would say.

I got frustrated, because I couldn't take a proper picture of the bridge. Do you see?!

On the right you see a little illuminated boat. Doesn't it look awesome? It gives such a fairy tale kind of feel to it.

Close to the place I was taking pictures and filming there were others also doing the same. I took a quick glimpse at their equipment and it look very professional. So they must have taken better pictures than I did, haha.

Moving along the beach we found a stairway up again. We walked up the stairs, where more illuminations was to be found.

 The Fuji TV station from up close, displaying Mount Fuji!

What is that statue doing over there though? 'MURICA.

(These are still frames from my video again btw!)

Aqua City Odaiba
After spending a long time outside we got a bit hungry so we decided to explore the shopping mall. Luckily there were plenty of places were we could eat dinner.

Samurai Flamenco.

Anime Galilei Donna

This wasn't just a store to buy merchandise. It was a cafe. We had the choice to go dine there, but we decided to look further. And good we did. We found this almost neighborhood-like area for only restaurants. There was a lot to choose from! Recipes from almost all over the world.

Though this area was amazing and would feel like the perfect place to go and celebrate a romantic birthday dinner, we couldn't choose anything from those places at all. So we went all the way back and decided to eat HAMBURGERS!

I had a hamburger with avocado on it. Never even thought that would match, but oh my, THAT TASTE! <3. I think Tatsuya took one with bacon, his second love. 

Ending to this lovely night
When our tummies were filled with all that goodness, we sat down and talked a bit about what we were planning to do next. We still had a long trip to make to get back to our hotel this evening. That was another surprise by the way! We stayed at this amazing Japanese styled hotel which I really want to go back to someday, hehe. It was a perfect ending to a perfect night.

On our way to the metro we saw there was something going on outside. There was loud music playing and people just piling up. The Fuji TV station gave a spectacular show. The building gave a light show on the beat of the music that was playing. It was very cool and almost felt like a live band was playing without singing any lyrics.

I really loved how this day turned out. Without knowing were I was going and where I would end up, made is pretty adventurous and exciting.  

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