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Japan - Day 9: Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa - Part 2 (2/3)

Tokyo Sky Tree from 450 meters 
(If you missed out on part 1 click HERE to read it)

Everything from up there was even tinier. I couldn't believe what I saw. People were lining up against the windows to check out the view. They stood still and gasped. I did the same as I watched the movements of the city.

These represent the mascots of the Tokyo Sky Tree. They are so colorful. It brings joy to the eye, haha!

There was Fuji-san again. We were able to see the mountain really clear. Even though it doesn't look that far from up here, the actual distance from were I stood 'til the mountain is over 140 kilometers. Pretty far, huh?

This display showed the layout of the city. Even mount Fuji is on there, on the left of the picture. I could see the Tokyo Dome, Shinjuku, Roppongi, the Tokyo Tower and a lot more.

I didn't want to type to much in between the pictures, because I don't want to spoil the feel of it looking through them ^_^. It is amazing, right? To see the city with its chaotic buildings and roads with the sunlight shining over it and to be able to see it all from up in the Tokyo Sky Tree, is just... wauw.

We moved along a path that displayed several photographs of the Tokyo Sky Tree. Also other buildings like the Tokyo Tower and the Taipei 101 were to be seen on the photographs. 

It looks so beautiful with the sakura surrounding it. 

This is the tower in Taiwan, the Taipei 101.

This city is so immense! 

With our twins behind us, lol! A lot of people took selfies here.

This was a glass floor. It was a very scary experience standing on it while looking down upon the city!

We visited the Tokyo Sky Tree for more than an hour I think. When we were ready to leave we took the elevator down, which took about a minute. Also before going down we needed to wait in line until we could get into the elevator.

Bye-bye Sky Tree, we will meet again!

I really enjoy looking back at these pictures. Gives me a smile on my face. I hope you enjoyed them too! 

Part 3 will be coming up soon. Where we had a nice snack next to the tower and then headed off to Asakusa. I visited their famous shrine and shopping street. It is a very touristic place.

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