zaterdag 22 februari 2014

Japan - Day 9: Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa - Part 1 (1/3)

Yaaaaaawn~ Was what I did in the morning of the ninth day in Japan. It was so early, thought the sun already risen. I woke up and felt very exited yet quite tired. Today was the day that I would go up in the sky, super duper high! On the agenda for this day we had planned to go to:

Tokyo Sky Tree


I probably already have said it before, but I never have seen skyscrapers in my life. Japan was the first big city I have ever been too. And now, to go all the way up in something even bigger than your normal skyscrapers.. Was mindblowing. 

This tower welcomes people that want to have an amazing view all over Tokyo. Next to having visitors almost every other day, this towers sends signals for television. I bet you get a good signal from that tower. The Tokyo Sky Tree is the tallest building in Japan. With a whopping 634 meters in height, it is taller than the TokyoTower which was 333 meters. 

I was really curious how it would feel up there. Would I be scared? Get nauseous? Get a huge kick out of it? Those were some thought I had when arriving at the train station next to it. It was around 8 o'clock and it felt like early spring already had come, though it still was winter. Moving along, we followed Tatsuya's father and he pointed out the magnificent building.

I needed to tilt my head all the way back to get a glimpse of the top of the building. We even laid down on the floor to get a good picture of it, haha!

Up, up we go!
In front of the entrance were huge stairs that led us up to where we could get our tickets. As Tatsuya's dad expected there wasn't a queue at all. We could walk right up and in less than 10 minutes we were inside a beautiful elevator that took us up to around 350 meters in the sky.

What we saw was astonishing. A gorgeous view all over Tokyo. Kilometers and kilometers of concrete and a sky so clear and blue. I couldn't even bring out a word. I just stared into the distance, literally. 

Not only was it my first time up there, it was also my boyfriends first time all away up in the Tokyo Sky Tree. His dad went here before with his mother. He told us what a pity it would be to visit the Tokyo Sky Tree on a clouded day. You wouldn't have seen much as for the clouds would block your view up there.

I was so high up in the sky that I could have touched the clouds. I was so high up in the sky that everything beneath me looked like toys. The cars, trains, streets, everything. People faded away into little dots, not knowing they were being stared at by a lot of people from 350 meters away.

This was how the view would look like around 1764 - 1842. Before asphalt and concrete took over. In the back you can see Mount Fuji. This day we saw him again, in all his glory.

I was intrigued by how the Tokyo Sky Tree casts a shadow over the other tall buildings. The people working and living around there are left in the dark for a moment.

When I saw this helicopter platform it thought I had seen it before. I think probably from a movie or something. 

Decoration inside.

After coming back from the bathroom I found Tatsuya and his father leaning on a table and sipping on some coffee/tea. I joined them. Not long after that we talked about how the view would be even higher up.

There was still a possibility to go up even higher. For about 1000 yen we could take the elevator up to 450 meters.

Leaving the area where we relaxed for a bit, we headed for the queue that was being made by the people that wanted to go 100 meters higher. We got our tickets and walked to the elevator. A lady asked us kindly to stand on the end of the line. We waited until it was our turn to step into the elevator.

In part 2 of the Japan day 9: Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa blog entry I will show you how it was on 450 meters high and more about my experience in Asakusa. 

Thank you a lot for reading this post. If you want to read more about my adventures in Japan, click on the following links:


Enjoy ^_^!

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