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Japan - Day 8: Kashiwa

On the eight day of being in Japan we decided to take it easy. Not far away from my boyfriends hometown the city Kashiwa, 柏市 - Kashiwa-shi, is located. We thought that that would be the perfect place to spend our day. Also we didn't have to travel that far. A few stops from Tennodai Station, 天王台駅 - Tennodai eki, and we were in Kashiwa.

The station stop itself had a shopping mall inside, called Takashimaya. It is a Japanese department store chain. So it is quite everywhere you go. We entered, looked around and shopped a bit. We both left with a really nice blouse. The stores in there were very fashionable and a lot of different styles were on show.

After strolling through the mall we made some time for Starbucks. Thanks to the Dutch habits my boyfriend obtained throughout the years he lives in Holland, we both agreed to sit outside on the terrace. Not much people do that over there. Of course it could be due to the weather that day. It was the first cloudy day that I was allowed to experience. Another reason could be that they don't have that many terraces outside of their cafes and restaurants. It is really rare to encounter. This Starbucks Coffee had one though.

I had a black coffee and I think Tatsuya did too. Or maybe he had a cappuccino. Either way we enjoyed our extremely hot beverage and looked around while tiny raindrops were starting to hit the ground. Luckily the rain didn't last long. 

In between our conversation about his previous life over here with his high school friends we discovered that I had forgotten my SD-card. Fortunately there is nothing you can't buy in Japan. So after sipping on our last bits of coffee we took off to an electronic store nearby and bought one. I was glad that I was able to take pictures and film for the rest of the day.

The building with the red on the wall was were we bought my new SD-Card.

With my new SD-card in my camera we headed for a ATM machine to get some cash. For the people who don't know, in Japan they pay with cash money most of the time. That is why we frequently went to get cash money. 

Little lady
I waited for my boyfriend somewhere next to the queue. The queue was pretty long, but we didn't had to wait that long. In the meanwhile that I was standing there a little lady passed by. Without noticing she dropped her wallet and walked further. I wanted to call her, but found myself lost in translation. So I picked up her wallet and tried to find her between the rest of all the people. Once I saw her I approached her with a smile (yes, I was not confident yet to speak Japanese in Japan hehehe). The little lady, probably in her 70's, thanked me "Arigatou, Arigatou!" and she even said "Thank you!" multiple times in English. That was such a fun experience. She touched and hold my arm to show her gratitude. I left with an even bigger smile, back to the place were I stood next to the queue. My boyfriend looked at me and said: "Your face is red.". Lol. I got shy I think, haha.

So after that experience we went to Taito Station. I saw it a couple of times when walking through Akihabara and other cities. Taito Station is an arcade hall and mostly several flours high! Check out their site for more detail:

What a noisy place yet fun place to be at! Not that the noise is any problem for me. I enjoy hearing the game type of music and the sound of hands clashing on buttons. When I took a good look around I saw this huge screen that I recognized. I have seen it before in other arcade halls, but I didn't took the initiative yet to play on it. So it felt like my duty this time!

(Pictures are print screens from my video's, I didn't made that much pictures on day 8)

I don't remember the name of this game, but I do remember it was a lot of fun. This game was all about getting your beat skills tested. You can pick out a song, it plays and your task is to hit the to buttons in front of you on the rhythm of the beat. All you need to do is hit, hold and shake the buttons.  

The moment on when to do so is displayed on the screen. I put on some headphones to hear the music better. It was hard to hear it without them, because it was so noisy in the arcade.


Yes, it was a really fun game but quite difficult when you try it out for the first time. After bashing those buttons I saw something SO AWESOME! If you know me you know that I love to move my butt and there was this perfect game for it. 

Derpy derp face. 

This was Dance Evolution. Freaking love this game. Also here you pick a song that you favor. You do this by moving your hand around in front of the screen. If you are familiar with Kinect then you know what this is about. 

Every song has its own dance moves and your job is to dance along. When you mimic the dance moves as equal as the computer does you score points.

I want to have this game! It is incredibly accurate. Consider this game as having fun while working out. 

I was scrolling and scrolling through the songs and couldn't really pick out one. I didn't know most of them, nor the dance moves hehehe.




Time was running out! I needed a song before the computer would pick out a song for me. But then....

I found a song I knew. Yaaay! So I could let the game begin!

PONPONPON from Kyary Pamyu. It is a very popular song in Japan. I remembered some moves so I thought it wouldn't be that difficult.

On the right side of the big screen was a tiny screen with me on it. Probably also for security reasons.

I was having so much fun, that even my boyfriend played the game with me later on. I definitely recommend this game, just to try it out, even if you are not a dance lover. That doesn't matter at all. The fun level is uber high!

Time to pick out another song! It was a song from Kyary Pamyu again, one that I didn't know yet. 

And bam! On to the next games. We played some guitar hero, a game that included you to bash on some drums, some racing games and much more! You can spend a whole day in there. They even have vending machines inside were you can buy a drink in case you get thirsty. Perfect!

The last thing we did was Purikura, プリクラ. It is a kind of photo booth were you can edit your pictures yourself. Your skin, face shape and eyes will be taken care of by the computer itself. Pictures can be taken there for about 400 yen. It is completely digital and lightening inside is fantastic, haha. You stand inside after throwing in your coins and get started by touching the touch-screen in front of you. You can decide whether to make your pictures look glamorous, cute or natural. I think every booth has its own particular styles though. 

We decided to go with the Silky purikura booth. It took us some time to figure everything out but here was our result:

During my time in Japan I made some more Purikura. I will make a special blogpost about it if you are curious to know more about it in detail!

Moving on..
We continued walking around the city and got a drink in a local supermarket. There were so many flavors and different types of bottles to choose from, but I decided to go for a milk tea with Donald Duck on it. It tasted pretty good.

We left the supermarket through a different exit and found ourselves in, what you could call, a dark alley. Some red and yellow lights brightened up our path a bit. We saw a few man standing there making something that looked really delicious. It was Imagawayaki, 今川焼き, what they were making. It is a type of dessert filled with any type of filling you can imagine. We chose for chocolate.

My boyfriend calls this dessert Obanyaki, 大判焼き. Even though he is from Tokyo. People from the Kansai region call it Obanyaki as where people from Tokyo call it Imagawayaki.

Here enjoy some scenery!

Karaoke time
Most of the karaoke places were expensive or pretty full already. Luckily we found a place were it was cheap. We could tell by the looks of it. Nevertheless their equipment was modern! We sang our lungs out and had a blast.

Some good, good calpis.

I must say this was a very chill day. I got to see some new places and experienced new things. 

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Thank you so much for reading! If some of you have entries about you being in Japan I would love to know and read about it. 

Have a great day :)

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