dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Japan - Day 7: Gundam Café

Gundam Café in Akihabara

This was one of the places I really wanted to visit. It was one of the things on top of my list. This café is completely dedicated to the anime Gundam. It is a pretty old anime yet really good. Probably you have ever heard of it.

The café is located in Akihabara not far from the station. Next to it there is a small souvenir shop with nice Gundam goods (/^▽^)/

Before we could enter we needed to wait a couple of minutes outside. It was probably to avoid making a queue in front of the counter. Luckily the sun was shining and we had some time to check out the menu. All the meals, drinks and desserts are themed after the series. It made choosing lunch even more difficult (⊙_☉)!

The café was really cool! I saw some huge figures, there was a big flat screen TV on the wall were they were promoting newest Gundam game and even the toilets were completely Gundam styled. It had such a modern feel to it. Really, probs for the toilet <3. It was a pink one, for girls of course haha.

Then luch came! I ordered Japanese curry and this is how it looked like:

It was delicious (゜▼゜*)! I don't know what the blackish ingredient was, but it tasted very nice. My boyfriend had a bowl of pasta that wasn't that tasty though. Rather plain of flavor. Maybe we are used to his pasta making skills (supermadpastamakingskillz), haha. 

I found you (∩_∩)!

The spoon was pretty awesome. A lot of people asked me if I took the spoon back home with me. I did not, lol (一。一;;). Now I think about it I should have. Would have been a nice souvenir. But yeah, I didn't want to steal it, so next time I go there I might ask if I can have one, hihi.

Everything on the menu is affordable. I thought it would be expensive going out for lunch there, but that wasn't the case at all. Although going out to eat in Japan in general is pretty cheap! So I could have expected it. 

After that we went shopping in Akihabara and we visited a karaoke bar. There is so much to see in Akihabara that just one day isn't enough ^^.

I also got inspired to make a Gundam cosplay someday. I have added it to my list!

I encourage you to take a look when you are going to Akihabara. It could make your visit even more complete!

Thank you for reading my short post~. Day 8 will be up soon! Have a nice day :).

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