dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Japan - Day 6: Ghibli Museum & Inokashira Onshi Koen

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka 

Before coming to Japan my boyfriend suggested that we could visit Tokyo Disneyland. I have never been to Disneyland so I thought, why not? Sounds like a lot of fun! It would be quite expensive though, but I couldn't let this chance get away *^▽^*

Somewhere after discussing our plans to go to Tokyo Disneyland he told me that there was a Ghibli Museum in Tokyo too. That changed everything for me (>ᴗ<)! I've never been a fan of Disney, although the movies are nice and stuff. But I definitely wanted to go to the Ghibli Museum~ And so we did :).

Ghibli Museum
The Ghibli Museum is from a Japanese movie studio called Studio Ghibli, that created a lot of great animated movies. In 2003 it gained world wide recognition because of an Oscar award for the movie Spirited Away. It was for the category Best Animated Movie. Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies from Studio Ghibli. I think I watched it like 10 times.. Love it!

We took the train towards Mitaka Station. Exiting from the South side it took us approximately 15 minutes or so to get to the museum. 

After about having walked for 10 minutes we came across Mitaka Inokashira Park, 井の頭恩賜公園, Inokashira Onshi Kōen. There aren't many parks like this one in Tokyo, so it was pretty amazing to see. After visiting the Ghibli Museum we certainly wanted to check out the park. 

This path leaded to the museum. On the left there was a tennis park and on the right a street where cars passed. There are also some buses heading towards the museum from Mitaka Station, but I advice you to go by foot. It is beautiful area that you don't want to miss out on.

(I copied the text from their website: http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/welcome/ )

The biggest Totoro I have ever seen O(≧▽≦)O. Totoro was standing behind glass. It was super cute to see.

As the text above said, this was not the real entrance. A corner away from Totoro, we got in line to enter the museum.

Actually there wasn't a line at all, because it was pretty early. So we could show our tickets and walk straight in. 

Inside the museum
It looked amazing inside. It is actually a huge house with several floors and in every hallway and corner there was something to see. The hand-crafted lamps and windows are so pretty. It is such a pity that I couldn't take pictures to show you guys! Taking pictures inside was not allowed.But the things I have seen will never leave my mind (◍•ᴗ•◍)

The first room I went into was unforgettable. I saw how animations are made these days. Believe it or not but there is a lot of physics involved when creating certain animations. It almost seems like magic to the eyes~

We watched a short animated movie which can only be viewed in the museum. It was so lovely and touching. The room where we watched the short movie looked so cute yet sophisticated because of its European styled decoration.

Also we were taught about how movies and pictures are made, how lighting works and what projectors do. It was so interesting to learn about it in an interactive way. We could touch, move and see through objects. I think it must be so awesome to study about the history of film making and the techniques they use today.

Then up on the rooftop we found the Robot Soldier from Laputa w(°o°)w. This is a character from the animation movie "Laputa - Castle in the sky". He is so tall! 

After taking a bunch of pictures we walked passed the robot on the left side. There was a narrow path covered with dirt and wood which led to a small kind of garden. It felt so adventurous walking through it. 

No clouds.. No Laputa :(!

This is what we found in the garden behind the robot.

Duckface Selfie on the rooftop, lol!

And again the weather was more than perfect that day! The sun was bright and kept us warm. It felt wonderful. There wasn't even a single cloud in the sky. Japanese winter is great!

After exploring the rooftop we decided to head back again. We enjoyed our last view from up high.

The winding staircase.

The view from on top of the roof. You can see the people waiting in line to get into the museum.

We walked around for about two hours I think. It was plenty of time to see all the old and new creations of Studio Ghibli. 

The souvenir shop
Before leaving we went into the souvenir shop. It was very crowded! The shop looked super interesting and everything was properly displayed. You can get cookies, postcards, stuffed animals, figures and so much more! I stared at Jiji, the cat from Kiki's delivery service, for about 30 minutes again. Making a discussion in my head if I should buy it or not.. Eventually I decided to not buy it, aargh! Next time I really will O_O! My boyfriend bought a souvenir though. It was a model building kit from his favorite Ghibli movie. The Savoia S.21F model plane from the movie "Porco Rosso". He is very pleased with it. When he is done building it I will show it in a blogpost :). Maybe I will even show the progress step by step.

Our last moments in the museum
After visiting the souvenir shop we got pretty hungry. There was a Ghibli restaurant/cafe outside, so we went there to take a look if there was anything special to eat. Unfortunately is was completely full and there wasn't much on the menu. There was a paper stuck to the window which said they had omelet with rice for about 900 yen!! Then we decided to eat somewhere in a restaurant on the way to the station.

So we left the amazing Ghibli Museum, said goodbye and talked about the museum for hours after. We walked back to the station through the Inokashira Onshi Koen, "Koen" means "park". 

This park is beautiful! I understand why there are so much people taking a stroll and exercising in this park. It gives such a peaceful feeling walking through it.

The great thing about Japan is that the seasons are so noticeable compared to The Netherlands. Even though it looked like autumn in these pictures, haha. But still, if you have been in The Netherlands you might know there are only two seasons here. Winter and (a few days of) summer (⌣_⌣”)

The colors of nature in Japan are so bright and noticeable. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Like this picture.. I didn't even mess with the contrast and stuff. It looks almost animated, wow.

I am melting now because of looking back at these pictures I took. 

The next time I visit Japan I want to see more of its nature, walk through forests and mountains. I want to see lakes and animals. Maybe a bit more of the country side. Even though I heard there are a lot of insect the size of your hands...

Here we were leaving the Inokashira Onshi Koen. We walked down a straight road and found ourselves a nice place to eat lunch.

I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but Tatsuya told me it was quite a famous one.

The food was good and super filling! Getting hungry by the looks of it. We sat in a room for only the two of us. It felt nice to rest after a long walk and regain our energy again.

After the busy morning we headed to Shibuya again for some shopping. I shopped so much that day! I visited 109 Women department again and other stores. What a city!

Shibuya Crossing in daylight.

I really enjoyed looking back at there pictures. Actually every time I make a post of my trip to Japan it fills me up with happiness. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to visit Japan and being taken care of so kindly. 

I can't wait to go back again! And I hope you can't wait for my next post about day seven in Japan, hehehehe! It will be up soon. I will try my best to post frequently, because I am quite busy these days.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked this post. See you very soon again!
Bubaaay :D!

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