donderdag 23 januari 2014

SKINFOOD - Green Tea Deo Wash review

SKINFOOD has a place in my heart for sure. They have become one of my favorite brands when it comes to skincare products. I visited their store in Japan. Of course I went home with some awesome purchases. I will be reviewing them on my blog soon too!

But for today, I wanted to do a quick review on a tester I had from SKINFOOD called..

Green Tea Deo Wash 

As all the SKINFOOD products, this Green Tea Deo Wash for the body also contains natural ingredients. 

On the back of the tester..

A cleansing body wash containing green tea extract, is specially formulated to fight against unpleasant odors with its rich foam and perfect cleansing properties while refreshing green tea scent keeps your body refreshing.
How to use: dispense an ample amount onto sponge or bath towel and lather. Apply to skin in massaging motions. Rinse of thoroughly with water.

(Haha yeah, the Engrish is perfect here, lol.)

My opinion
When rubbing an ample amount onto my skin (because I didn't had my bath towel with me, forgot) I saw that it didn't foamed as much as it stated. It could be because of not using a bath towel or sponge. The scent was kind of neutral, what I liked. 

I massaged it over my skin, especially underneath my armpits and rinsed well. I was curious if it would do any wonders for me, because I can get smelly when not using deodorant. 

And you know what, it really does what it says. It kept my body refreshed. Furthermore, I could go the whole day without using deodorant. I did sweated of course, but without a funky smell. The way in how they specially formulated this product is really doing its job!

You can see a bit of the product on the top of my fingers. It is a see through substance.

  • Cute packaging
  • I love green tea
  • Doesn't have a strong scent to it
  • It really works in fighting unpleasant odors!

  • Didn't foam that much (I love my foam when I shower lol)

I am going to order this bottle for sure. Or I wait until I go to Japan again and buy it. I definitely recommend this item.

The body wash comes in a 400 ml dispenser. It looks really nice. Looking at the picture of the dispenser makes me even want to have it more. I even saw some affordable prizes online.

This was it for my short review. I used this tester it a long time ago, but I remembered I was very pleased with it.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on here soon again :)!

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  1. I never had that much of a great experience with Skin Food products, but this one actually sounds really good! I'm surprised how well it seems to work. Now I want to try it. ~
    Thanks for sharing~

    1. Yes, it really works! For me though haha. But I think this products is really good. thank you too!!

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