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Japan - Day 3: Kamakura City

Aaaah, so day three in Japan :). We got up early to explore Kamakura-shi鎌倉市. I was told that Kamakura was the former capital of Japan. It made me curious about how the city looked like. Many tourist visit every year.

My boyfriends parents drove us all the way to Kamakura. I think it was about a hour and a half drive from were they live. Sitting in the car and driving on the Japanese highways was an awesome experience. Tokyo is so huge guys! There is so much to see. Everywhere I looked I got amazed. Lucky for us it was a beautiful, clear day. So we could see everything around us.

We even got to see Mount Fuji, 富士山. They call the volcano Fuji-san in Japan. Breathtaking... 

You can see Fuji-san a bit left from the middle of the picture. It looks like a painting, doesn't it?

What an incredible view! How lucky was I to be able to see the mountain, haha. I bet it must be extremely awesome to see it from up close. One day I want to explore the area around there. 

Before we set foot in the main area, of where we were heading to in Kamakura, we stopped and parked the car. We walked for less than a few minutes and arrived at a temple (I think I should call it like that) to visit a grave. 

After the visit we hopped back in the car. I could already see much difference between Kamakura and Tokyo. Then we drove off to the shopping town in Kamakura.

Aah, I love love love it there! The city is so beautiful. It gave me a calming feeling. Hearing the buzz of the people talking, hearing the footsteps of the people, smelling all kinds of different food, feeling the warmth of the sun hitting my body... Not to forget that it was really crowded. All that combined left me with such positive feel and memory.

Yes,yes they also sell croquette (Kroket for us Dutchies) there. I think even with chocolate O_O. Didn't tried it, but I think I should have, haha.

Of course we needed to fill our tummies up with some warm lunch. No sandwiches this time! AWYEAH! Holland is a boring country when it comes to lunch. 

We ate Soba! This was my first time eating it and lucky for me this was a really good place too. On the picture above you can see a man cutting fresh thin noodles -> Soba, そば, which are used for dipping sauce or soup. You can eat it cold or warm.

Tatsuya made a nice shot here!

This wasn't what I ordered. I think this was my boyfriends dish. Looks good, right? It was a hot type one. 

Everybody slurps their noodles in Japan. So everywhere you eat soup dishes you hear *sshhhhlllluuurrpppp....shhlurp..shhhhlurp*~~. It is a way to cool the food down when you start chewing I think. But yeah, it tasted really good! Food is great in Japan. 

After eating lunch we headed back to the shopping street again. There was still plenty to see! And..... We found a Ghibli Store! Happy me! I bought a Totoro plushy in there. The first thing I bought in Japan, haha.

I wanted to buy this one too. I really like this cat. Every time I passed a store with this cat I stared at it until I got dizzy. Contemplating if I should buy it or not. I didn't :(. But now I know for sure I want it next time!

The cat's name is Jiji. He is from the Ghibli movie Kiki's delivery service. Super sweet movie, you should watch it if you like animation movies.  

The entrance of the Ghibli store. Hehe, Jiji flirts with a girl.

Of course there were tons of other cool shops, but I let my eyes do the work rather than the camera. I did film a lot. You will be seeing more on my new youtube channel airing soon!


Another store that caught my eye was a store that sells things made out of bamboo. It was incredibly fascinating. I was kind of shy to ask if I could take pictures or film. My boyfriend asked the store owners if I could and they said yes! So here are some pictures:

Chopsticks, はし - Hashi。

A cute little dog made out of bamboo. It is for holding your chopsticks during dinner, lunch or whatever :3.

And yeah, I needed to make a picture of some vending machines. I probably looked like an idiot taking pictures of vending machines, but they are awesome man XD! Not only can you get a cold refreshing drink, they also have hot tea's and coffee's. Some even have noodles in them O_O. High five Japan!

If you come across this store I advice you: go visit it! They sell delicious sweets. It tasted so good~!

Going to the shrine

Hello lovely mister Reiger (is Dutch for Heron)! How are you doing? Japan has much nicer views than Holland, right? 

I thought my eyes had seen a lot of beautiful things already, but there was more to come. We walked towards an amazing Shrine called Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, 鶴岡八幡宮.

It is the most important shrine in Kamakura. It is dedicated to the patron god of the Minamoto family, Hachiman. Minamoto Yoriyoshi founded the shrine.

This is a maiden dancing stage.

Asian guy being Asian in front of the shinto shrine.

Gaow, gaow~!

Enjoying this beautiful view from the main hall. You could see all the way down the long street.

The sunset made everything even more special. Even though I wasn't there for very long, I felt tremendously happy. I never seen such things, buildings, trees or sculptures in real life before. 

Time to make a wish! You could write down a wish on a small wooden plate (10,000 yen) called Ema, 絵馬. The gods receive all these wishes. Probably they will do their best to make them come true haha.

My boyfriend and me also made a wish :). We both wrote a part of the sentence on the Ema and hung it on the left side of the shrine.

It is fun to think that our wish is now in Kamakura somewhere with our name on it, hehe. After viewing the shrine we walked down the humongous set of stairs. We headed straight into one of the main streets. I saw some nice cars passing by there, a skyline for example. Here in Holland we almost do not encounter them.

After strolling through the streets and looking through the windows of all the interesting stores, we stopped for a sweet treat.

What's this?! What's this?!

There are colors everywhere!

What's this?! What's t........ OSHIRUKO!

Oshiruko, お汁粉, which is a red bean type of dessert. It is very sweet! That's why, for on the side, you have the green thingy with a very salty taste to clean up your taste buds. I think Japanese people in general don't like to eat foods that are too sweet. The white spots in the bean dessert are mochi. It is a nice dessert for in winters I guess.

Finally at the end of the day, on the way back home, we pulled over somewhere to eat Italian food, hahaha! It was delicous. This was a salad as appetizer. I thought it looked very cute and so colorful.

Wauw. This was a really long post. I think I will make them shorter in the upcoming posts and split them up like I did in the first to parts of my arrival. I hope you enjoyed it anyway :D

Sankyuuuu so much for reading. If you wanna read more about Japan check out my first two post: for part 1 >>HERE<< and part 2 >>HERE<<. And for the upcoming days I will upload a blog entry everyday (I will at least try to hihi :)).


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