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Clinique - Anti-blemish Solutions review

Concern Kit Imperfections - Anti-Blemish Solutions

Solutions anti-imperfections

Hey there guys! I'm back with another review. This time it will be about the brand: Clinique. I bought this concern kit somewhere around November in the ICI Paris in Holland. I bought it together with another type of kit, which I will be reviewing some other time. 

Some background information...
More than a year ago I used to use this anti-blemish solution line (also including the facial mask, spot treatment gel, clearing concealer etc.) from Clinique. I especially bought it for the imperfections on my skin. For in the hope my zits, spots and pimples would disappear. I thought it was helping me and that it was keeping my skin balanced out back then. It didn't got any worse, but it also didn't got any better.

Now after having dealt with severe acne this summer I though, why not try it again to see if it helps me get rid of my scars/imperfections quicker. I don't have that much scaring though. Mostly red or darker spots.

But, yeah.. enough about me, let's get started with reviewing Clinique's anti-blemish solution line!

Note: this is not the complete line of the anti-blemish solutions. This review only involves the "Concern Kit Imperfections".

This Anti-blemish kit contains a three-step skincaringsystem against blemishes on the skin. It can be used for all skin-types.

Let's find out what this kit contains:

Anti-blemish solution cleansing foam

The first product of the three-steps-system is the cleansing foam. It will remove dirt and clean up the sebaceous glands. The foam contains salicylacid, glycerin and butylene glycol. It does not suppose to dry out the skin.


Anti-blemish solution clarifying lotion

This lotion contains tallow absorbing powders and has some types of alcohol in it. Besides that it works exfoliating.   

You can see the powder on the bottom of the bottle. So shake well before use!

Anti-blemish solution all-over clearing treatment

A moisturizer that is oil/fat free. The substance is quite light and doesn't feel thick nor heavy on the skin. The moisturizer contains ingredients such as camille, salicylacid, menthol, green tea, caffeine and filbert. It helps the pores stay clean.

Anti-blemish solutions liquid makeup

This is a light, long lasting, liquid makeup. It camouflages, keeps spots under control and helps prevent future spots from existing. The coverage is mild, so it will give a natural look.

How to use it:
The first product you use is the cleansing foam. You massage it onto your already damped skin and rinse with warm water afterwards. After gently padding your face dry you continue with the next bottle, the clarifying lotion. Shake it well and then put some of the product on a cotton. Carefully pad the cotton onto your face and neckline. For the last step you use the all-over clearing treatment. Use a generous amount and apply it onto your face.

After that you can use the liquid makeup when you plan to go out the house.

My thoughts
I will just say it straight away... I don't like it that much..... The products that I like the most are the liquid makeup and the all-over cleaning treatment. The foam and the lotion quite suck. 

When I clean my face with the foam it doesn't feel like it is doing much. Sometimes I tried washing my face with it twice. Maybe that is not a good thing to do though, but I feel like washing my face with warm water cleanses my skin better than the foam does. And I think the lotion is a bit to strong. It doesn't feel like it is nurturing my skin, but rather biting into it.

It states that the products don't contain oil or fats, but during the day my face got oily pretty quick. It could be that these products make my skin way to dry. So my skin will react to it in a way that it produces even more oils! I'm not going to buy anything of this line anymore. 

  • Packaging is really neat and looks good
  • The liquid makeup gives a natural kind of glow and coverage
  • The bottles in this size look very cute

  • It doesn't really do something for my skin at all
  • Make my skin oily during the day
  • Sometimes the lotion stings
  • The liquid makeup can look even powdery when not moisturized enough
  • I
  • JUST
  • DON'T
  • LIKE
  • IT
  • And I am never going to buy it again
  • I don't see any changes in my blemishes

My opinion might sound harsh, but this was how I experienced the product. This might not be the same case for you of course. 

BTW! I saw this article about the anti-blemish solutions line from Clinique .

If you are using the same products please make sure that you are not using the one with the code BA3! CHECK THE LINK!

I got a bit scared reading about it. I thought maybe my products had the code on them, but luckily they didn't.

Are you familiar with this line of Clinique? I really would like to know your experiences with it.

Thanks for reading my post and I would love to hear your opinion about it :).

Have an awesome day~

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  1. Hi! I read about your review and it's so good :) I've tried clinique anti-blemish solution on and it is really good for my skin too! Love your blog BTW :D