woensdag 8 januari 2014

Arrival and next day in Japan - Part 2

Check out Part 1 >>HERE!<<

I left the park and my boyfriends dad brought us to the station. The station was called Tennodai, 天王台駅 . Located in the prefecture of Chiba.

So there I went and took my first train in Japan. It wasn't busy like the video's I have seen on youtube were the trains are packed full of people. After transit in Ueno Station, 上野駅,  we got off in Shinjuku, 新宿区.

The place were I saw huge ass buildings for the first time in my life. I feel like a girl from the country, darn. We ate some lunch and visited several stores inside some buildings. A lot of stores are located inside buildings were you wouldn't even think of them being there. To go in the stores you need to check the elevators to see which floor they are on.

I found this all out when my boyfriend was getting me my present. 

This Pentax q10 camera. What a beauty! Too bad I couldn't take much pictures with it right away (except for the two street pictures above and some pictures underneath, you'll notice the difference), because the batteries died. 

After that, my boyfriend took me to see Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Testing out the camera here..

The view was amazing! Check out what we have seen from up there (these pictures were taken with my other camera):

Tokyo Tower 

Tokyo Sky Tree

I could see so much! So many buildings, cars, people etc.. Inside the Metropolitan Building people sat down for some coffee or tea and enjoyed their view. 

Found this little guy there :3.

After being mesmerized by the view we took the elevator down (duh, stairs no way!) and walked to the station. Our next stop was Harajuku Station, 原宿駅

We walked through Takeshita street,竹下通り. I've always wanted to go there! It was just a quick look that day, because we would come back another day to really go shopping. Same for Shibuya, 渋谷区, were we went after looking around in Takeshita street. In other blog entries I will go into detail about these two fashion places :).

Cute bottle filled with water. We got it out of a vending machine on our way to Shibuya. *sipsip*

In Shibuya we drank a coffee at Starbucks. "The Starbucks" were everybody mostly comes for the view I think, lol.

You can see Shibuya Crossing from up there. It is really hard to get a seat next to the window though. People got hawks eye's in there for getting a seat. They already spot a place to sit before you can say "pizza". 


THIS BUILDING... CRAZYNESS OVERLOAD. So much people, so much pretty screaming girls, but the fashion is so fun there! If you want to experience a really girly shopping experience, go there. I dare you! XD

This building is called 109, ichi maru kyu. It's a department store with 10 floors O____________O. Say whaaa~t?! I will talk more about it in other blog entries from my Japan trip.

After a quick and busy day I felt awesome. Experiencing how crowded those area's were was a really cool thing.

Well this was part 2 of my arrival and the next day in Japan. There is plenty of more to come! If you got any questions feel free to leave it in the comments below the post. I will happily answer it!

Thank you so much for reading! 


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