dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Arrival and next day in Japan - Part 1

If you have read my previous post you know that I have been in Japan. Yes, have been :(! Because I am back now. I arrived a few days ago. The whole vacation seems like a dream. Even being there felt unrealistic. 

On the 19th of December (day of our anniversary ^_^) in the morning we took our leave and headed towards the airport. Goosebumps and chilly feelings went all over my body as I imaged myself walking through the streets of Tokyo. But first I needed to get there of course.

The company we flew with was KLM. The airplane was quite big. Anyhow, it was a direct flight towards Narita Airport which took about 11 hours if I remember correctly.

Hearing all the passengers speak Japanese made me even more excited! I was really, really going to Japan.

We entertained ourselves in many ways. We played pac-man, watched movies, played minecraft on our laptops and we even made some drawings.

You might think why this dog is wearing a pokémon T-shirt. I asked myself the same question. The story behind this drawing that my boyfriend made went like this: "Hey, let's draw things!" - "Alright!" - I said: "Ok, let's draw Pikachu!"...............................................

And this was his result. 

It looks like a retired Pikachu who got depressed, because he got to old and slow. lol. Proceed.....

But yeah, another thing with which we entertained ourselves was this beautiful view:

Most part we flew over Russia. It looks like a cute Christmas town from up there, haha!

Before we new it we were almost there! This was one of the most tiring and long flights I've ever been on, but it was so worth it. 

The sun started to come up and brightened the surface of the earth. One of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life (next to my boyfriend..(‘∀’●)♡). 

Japan looked so colorful flying over it. I saw so much autumn types of colors.I was almost paralyzed gazing out on the landscapes of Japan and then before I knew it we landed safe and sound!

The first things I noticed that the ceilings of the buildings were lower and even most of the public toilets were electronic. With a lot of buttons and stuff. COOL O(≧∇≦)O

We got picked up by my boyfriends dad, went home and tried to stay up so we could get used to the time difference. We were awake for almost 24 or more!! We didn't sleep in the airplane at all. After a good night rest we started our day early.

My boyfriend woke me up. I was kind of cranky and didn't want to get up yet. Then he opened up the windows and a bright light entered the room. I WAS WIDE AWAKE ٩(˙▿˙!! Oh my gawshhhhhhhh <3.

I suddenly remembered I was in Japan, LOL. Instantly my tiredness was gone and I stared out the window, letting the sun rays hit my face. What a great feeling that was. My boyfriend and me smiled like retards and headed down stairs to eat some delicious breakfast. 

We got ready. Ready to go and explore Tokyo. Before we did that we took a stroll through the park nearby his parents house.

I really was enjoying the weather. The sky was so clear and the sun kept us warm. It was so peaceful. I like the neighborhood so much were I stayed. I could just sit there all day. But of course we didn't hehehe.

In part two there will be pictures of Shibuya, my new camera and more! It will probably be up tomorrow. Also after part 2 the pictures will be nicer, due to the awesome new camera my boyfriend got me for my birthday! The most awesome gift <3. Ah, I'm such a lucky girl..

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more :).



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