donderdag 30 januari 2014

The "failed" buttermilk pie

Exactly what the title says... I made a buttermilk pie and it pretty much failed, (」゜ロ゜)」. It was my first time making a buttermilk pie. But oh well, I've learned some important things when it comes to baking a pie now, I must say.

So how it went..

A while ago I made a strawberry pie with my boyfriend. It came out pretty good. Crunchy and tasty, a good first attempt! We ate almost the whole thing.

Then a week ago I decided to make a pie again. I thought: the last one went good, maybe this time it will go even better ヽ(^。^)丿. The buttermilk pie doesn't need that much ingredients and it takes less time to prepare compared to the strawberry pie. 

Together we went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients.

The ingredients:
- 3 eggs - 
- 1/2 cup butter, softened - 
- 1 1/2 cups white sugar -
- 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour -
- cup buttermilk -
- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract - 
- 1 tablespoon lemon juice - 
- 1/8 tablespoon nutmeg -
- 1 (9 inch) unbaked pie crust -

The first thing that I made was the pie crust. I didn't measure how thick the crust was and stuff. I made the dough and rolled it out until it was a nice flat layer and placed it over the tin.

In the meanwhile my boyfriend was cooking dinner. He always makes sure he uses the right ingredients in the right amount. Me on the other hand, do not really care about measuring and weighing. Even when it comes to a pie or cake. I don't mind to throw in a bit more of this and that (*´∀`*).

After preparing the dough I followed the rest of the recipe. I threw in the right amount of everything at first.

3 eggs,


and a half



white sugar,

three spoons of




a cup of buttermilk,

some vanilla extract,


and little bit of lemon!

Then I mixed all the ingredients until it looked like a smooth liquid whole. I poured it carefully into the tin covered by the dough. But I noticed that for the tin to be filled, I needed to make use of more ingredients. After a discussion with my boyfriend we decided not to. 

The thing was that I already put extra sugar, flour and buttermilk to increase the consistency before I discussed it. That was not such a good thing to do, hehehehe. It also wasn't enough to fill up the whole tin by the way. So we just shoved it in the oven and awaited the result.

And the result was....

E voila \( ̄(エ) ̄\)!

Isn't this the weirdest looking pie ever?  When we cut out some pieces it looked quite nice though.

It looked even very tasty! The first bite was okay, but then the more we ate the more we noticed it was way to sweet! Maybe it even had more calories than a cheesecake ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ!!

Next time I am going to stick to the recipe. I'm not going to add any other extra things and keep the measurements the same. 

Or I will maybe even bake some cupcakes next time , lol. But yea, thank you for reading my post again :). I hope I didn't make you to hungry~

Until the next time :D! Ciaoooooooo~

zondag 26 januari 2014

Japan - Day 5: Takeshita Street & Shibuya

Takeshita Street, 竹下通り where the colors are bright, fashion boutiques are all around you and people look awesome! 

Fashion styles became more unique and noticeable the closer we got to Harajuku Station. Harajuku Station is where we got off. When exiting the station it is hard to miss... Takeshita Street right in front of you!

You can see us on the right side of the screen. 

The entrance of the big street has a large screen where you can see live recording. On top of the screen the words Takeshita Street are displayed. It gave me a kind of warm welcome to the street. Next to that it made me excited for what was ahead of us!

And what was ahead of us..... was a sea full of people! Some with the intention of buying Christmas gifts and some who were searching for the cutest goodies. 

Between the multitude of Japanese shoppers, foreigners really stand out. Of course they always do in Japan, haha. But you can find a lot of them in Takeshita Street.

A cute bra shop called Tutu Anna. I didn't went in, because I already bought three pairs of lingerie sets. I didn't want to waste more money on bra's, lol. Although next time I definitely will check out the store from the inside. 

Lingerie in Japan is so different from the western style of lingerie. The way that we want to portray sexy and hot with our lingerie, they portray it in a cute and adorable way. Their lingerie has got a lot of mesh fabric on it. The colors are mostly pastel tints, some with flower prints and others with no prints at all. Of course there are sexier once, but these don't stand out that much.

Another thing was the push-up bra's. Compared to the western girls, Asian girls in general have smaller breasts. I think that's one of the reasons why almost all the bra's have push up. It took me some time to find bra's without it, because literally almost every single bra I touched had massive push up!

But I must say Japanese bra's are SO comfy, hahaha. (o˘ω˘o)~

Moving on... 

Walking through the street I saw so much styles and colors. From Gothic to Hiphop, from Lolita to Cosplay, it is all there. I walked into a accessory store with the craziest items! Unbelievable what they use as earrings and necklaces. It is not weird to see pink horses, hamburgers and skulls the size of your hand hanging on them.  

I wanted to take some pictures in this side street, because of the lovely decoration. It gave me a bit of an Easter feel with the bunny and eggs hanging in the tree. 

I'm holding a plastic bag there. I think I bought some stockings in a pretty famous store where they sell a huge variation of socks. You can find it a bit past the entrance on the right of Takeshita Street close to Harajuku Station. Or it was my beanie I bought, haha. 

A little bit further down the street I spotted a store that I always wanted to visit. I came across it a lot on Youtube and it made me so, so, so curious. And that store is called Liz Lisa. They have the most adorable dresses, blouses, shorts and coats. Entering the store you can't help but notice the strong perfume smell that lures there. It is really strong! 

The prizes range from affordable to super expensive. If you want to come shopping here, make sure to save up a good amount of money. That is what I am going to do for the next time, hehehe.( ^∇^)

Another thing that didn't go unnoticed was the fact that a big number of visitors in Takeshita Street are high school kids. I think it is quite popular among the youth. 

 After walking for about a half hour we arrived in...



Here is my derp face in front of the Shibuya crossing.

Shibuya is located in the overly crowded Tokyo metropolis of Japan. It is manly known for its shopping district and the most chaotic crossing I have ever seen. In the picture I stood in front of it. I was facing in the direction of the Hachiko exit of the Shibuya Station.

Big stations in Japan have several exits. At the Hachiko exit there is a statue of a dog called Hachiko. There is a whole story about that dog. Go check it out on google if you are interested. Or you can even watch the movie about it :). But yeah, a lot of people meet at the statue. Good tip if you are meeting up with your friends in Shibuya!

Boyfriend did great job at taking this picture!

This square is full of TV-screens and advertisements. Not to forget full of people. I went there several times and it was always crowded. 

In the top right of the picture you can see Starbucks Coffee. One of the busiest in whole of the world. The coffee lovers that my boyfriend and me are, we had to go (every time we went to Shibuya 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)) to get some coffee there and check out the view. If you are lucky you can sit down and enjoy seeing the people walk over the crossing.

I will have my shopping hauls up soon enough, because I think some people are really curious about what I bought.

At the end of this long, long but tremendously fun day we had a fruit juice drink and returned back to prepare for the next one!

We were already stoked for what was coming. My boyfriend got us two tickets for a museum. It was probably the most funnest museum I have ever been too. Yes, yes, yes we wen to the Ghibli Museum.

Be prepared for the next post about my sixth day in Japan! I think you will certainly like it ^_^!

If you have any questions about Takeshita Street or Shibuya feel free to ask~ I will show you guys a lot more in my youtube video's. Of course, as I said in my other posts, you will be the first to know when they are online!

Thank you for reading my post about Japan. There are more to come.

Have a great day everybody (*^▽^)/

donderdag 23 januari 2014

SKINFOOD - Green Tea Deo Wash review

SKINFOOD has a place in my heart for sure. They have become one of my favorite brands when it comes to skincare products. I visited their store in Japan. Of course I went home with some awesome purchases. I will be reviewing them on my blog soon too!

But for today, I wanted to do a quick review on a tester I had from SKINFOOD called..

Green Tea Deo Wash 

As all the SKINFOOD products, this Green Tea Deo Wash for the body also contains natural ingredients. 

On the back of the tester..

A cleansing body wash containing green tea extract, is specially formulated to fight against unpleasant odors with its rich foam and perfect cleansing properties while refreshing green tea scent keeps your body refreshing.
How to use: dispense an ample amount onto sponge or bath towel and lather. Apply to skin in massaging motions. Rinse of thoroughly with water.

(Haha yeah, the Engrish is perfect here, lol.)

My opinion
When rubbing an ample amount onto my skin (because I didn't had my bath towel with me, forgot) I saw that it didn't foamed as much as it stated. It could be because of not using a bath towel or sponge. The scent was kind of neutral, what I liked. 

I massaged it over my skin, especially underneath my armpits and rinsed well. I was curious if it would do any wonders for me, because I can get smelly when not using deodorant. 

And you know what, it really does what it says. It kept my body refreshed. Furthermore, I could go the whole day without using deodorant. I did sweated of course, but without a funky smell. The way in how they specially formulated this product is really doing its job!

You can see a bit of the product on the top of my fingers. It is a see through substance.

  • Cute packaging
  • I love green tea
  • Doesn't have a strong scent to it
  • It really works in fighting unpleasant odors!

  • Didn't foam that much (I love my foam when I shower lol)

I am going to order this bottle for sure. Or I wait until I go to Japan again and buy it. I definitely recommend this item.

The body wash comes in a 400 ml dispenser. It looks really nice. Looking at the picture of the dispenser makes me even want to have it more. I even saw some affordable prizes online.

This was it for my short review. I used this tester it a long time ago, but I remembered I was very pleased with it.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on here soon again :)!

maandag 20 januari 2014

Clinique - Anti-blemish Solutions review

Concern Kit Imperfections - Anti-Blemish Solutions

Solutions anti-imperfections

Hey there guys! I'm back with another review. This time it will be about the brand: Clinique. I bought this concern kit somewhere around November in the ICI Paris in Holland. I bought it together with another type of kit, which I will be reviewing some other time. 

Some background information...
More than a year ago I used to use this anti-blemish solution line (also including the facial mask, spot treatment gel, clearing concealer etc.) from Clinique. I especially bought it for the imperfections on my skin. For in the hope my zits, spots and pimples would disappear. I thought it was helping me and that it was keeping my skin balanced out back then. It didn't got any worse, but it also didn't got any better.

Now after having dealt with severe acne this summer I though, why not try it again to see if it helps me get rid of my scars/imperfections quicker. I don't have that much scaring though. Mostly red or darker spots.

But, yeah.. enough about me, let's get started with reviewing Clinique's anti-blemish solution line!

Note: this is not the complete line of the anti-blemish solutions. This review only involves the "Concern Kit Imperfections".

This Anti-blemish kit contains a three-step skincaringsystem against blemishes on the skin. It can be used for all skin-types.

Let's find out what this kit contains:

Anti-blemish solution cleansing foam

The first product of the three-steps-system is the cleansing foam. It will remove dirt and clean up the sebaceous glands. The foam contains salicylacid, glycerin and butylene glycol. It does not suppose to dry out the skin.


Anti-blemish solution clarifying lotion

This lotion contains tallow absorbing powders and has some types of alcohol in it. Besides that it works exfoliating.   

You can see the powder on the bottom of the bottle. So shake well before use!

Anti-blemish solution all-over clearing treatment

A moisturizer that is oil/fat free. The substance is quite light and doesn't feel thick nor heavy on the skin. The moisturizer contains ingredients such as camille, salicylacid, menthol, green tea, caffeine and filbert. It helps the pores stay clean.

Anti-blemish solutions liquid makeup

This is a light, long lasting, liquid makeup. It camouflages, keeps spots under control and helps prevent future spots from existing. The coverage is mild, so it will give a natural look.

How to use it:
The first product you use is the cleansing foam. You massage it onto your already damped skin and rinse with warm water afterwards. After gently padding your face dry you continue with the next bottle, the clarifying lotion. Shake it well and then put some of the product on a cotton. Carefully pad the cotton onto your face and neckline. For the last step you use the all-over clearing treatment. Use a generous amount and apply it onto your face.

After that you can use the liquid makeup when you plan to go out the house.

My thoughts
I will just say it straight away... I don't like it that much..... The products that I like the most are the liquid makeup and the all-over cleaning treatment. The foam and the lotion quite suck. 

When I clean my face with the foam it doesn't feel like it is doing much. Sometimes I tried washing my face with it twice. Maybe that is not a good thing to do though, but I feel like washing my face with warm water cleanses my skin better than the foam does. And I think the lotion is a bit to strong. It doesn't feel like it is nurturing my skin, but rather biting into it.

It states that the products don't contain oil or fats, but during the day my face got oily pretty quick. It could be that these products make my skin way to dry. So my skin will react to it in a way that it produces even more oils! I'm not going to buy anything of this line anymore. 

  • Packaging is really neat and looks good
  • The liquid makeup gives a natural kind of glow and coverage
  • The bottles in this size look very cute

  • It doesn't really do something for my skin at all
  • Make my skin oily during the day
  • Sometimes the lotion stings
  • The liquid makeup can look even powdery when not moisturized enough
  • I
  • JUST
  • DON'T
  • LIKE
  • IT
  • And I am never going to buy it again
  • I don't see any changes in my blemishes

My opinion might sound harsh, but this was how I experienced the product. This might not be the same case for you of course. 

BTW! I saw this article about the anti-blemish solutions line from Clinique .

If you are using the same products please make sure that you are not using the one with the code BA3! CHECK THE LINK!

I got a bit scared reading about it. I thought maybe my products had the code on them, but luckily they didn't.

Are you familiar with this line of Clinique? I really would like to know your experiences with it.

Thanks for reading my post and I would love to hear your opinion about it :).

Have an awesome day~

zondag 19 januari 2014

Japan - Day 4: Family fun and Akihabara

On the living room table of my boyfriends parents were several kinds of cookies and snacks. On the picture above you can see one of them, called Hato(means Dove, pigeon) Sabure(shortbread). A cookie in the shape of a dove. I think it is made in Kamakura. Delicious!

DAY 4 in Japan

It has been a long time since my boyfriend had seen his family in Japan. After 1,5 years he finally returned, but this time with me, hehehe (¬‿¬)

On the fourth day in Japan we prepared to go out for a family visit. We drove for about a hour to see Tatsuya's brother, his brothers wife and his two little nieces. On the way we stopped to pick up some cake, sushi and pizza. 

When we arrived we got a warm welcome and entered this beautiful house, designed by the owner himself! My boyfriends brother is an architect and I must say he did an amazing job designing his house (unfortunately I don't have any pictures).

After introducing myself we sat down for some tea. Then Rico-chan (one of the nieces) asked Tatsuya and me to come with her. 

Rico-chan made us both a 3D sticker. The one on the picture is mine, haha. Although I could pick out a sticker myself, I didn't knew what its meaning was *see the tiny Japanese text on it*. Then I got told mine had something to do with money you get from your parents. Rico-chan picked out one herself for Tatsuya, his sticker had the word "Study" on it :).

Later on we played with some type of Lego, colored in color-books and took a bunch of pictures. It was really fun!


We created some robots too haha. 

For lunch we ate soup, sushi and pizza. Then before leaving we made space, in our tummies, for some cake. In Japan it is common to eat cake and pie during Christmastime. And oooh my, the cakes and pies they make over there are gorgeous and so tasty! The bakeries are adorable. You can just spend hours staring through the windows at the cakes and pies.

Even though we would have loved to spend more time with them, there was another point in the agenda...

Next Stop: Akihabara

This place is like a heaven for me. Everywhere... colors, electronics, anime, people, cosplay, figures, high buildings and more! Unbelievable! I stared at the advertisements and billboards with open mouth while walking through the streets. This part of Tokyo is so incredibly cool. 

If you know Akihabara, 秋葉原, you probably also know that it is filled with a lot of males. To be more specific a lot of geeky males, haha. All in search of the latest manga, anime, figures, computer parts and games! 

You can literally spend hours and hours walking through shops. You can go up and down stairs in several buildings in finding new and second-hand goods! How can this whole area be dedicated to the things I love so much?! This is Mekka for Otaku's... Seriously.

If you have a love for electronics, computers and otaku-stuff you definitely need to take your time to come here. You will not be disappointed. 

I promised myself, before going to Akihabara, I wouldn't go totally crazy and buy ALL THE FIGURES, COSPLAY OUTFITS AND EVERYTHING ELSE AND STUFF へ(゜∇、°)へ!!! I would just buy one figure.. and some cosplay things. Yes, I managed to not go wacko and kept myself a promise :). I will show my goodies in some other post soon!

I will also show you more of this area soon too, because unfortunately for now I filmed more in Akihabara than I took pictures. When my youtube channel is up you guys will be the first to know!

The video's will contain some bits of my Karaoke experiences too, hehehe. The first Karaoke place I visited was in Akihabara. I'm like the worst singer ever and for me to sing ONE OK ROCK songs without any shame was so delightful (゜▼゜*)! It is way more fun than I could have imagined.

Going back home to parents place....

We ended the day with a delicious meal back in Tatsuya's home town. His parents prepared Kimchi Nabe!

Super good. Once I made Kimchi Nabe with Tatsuya >> HERE

Finally showered and well we took some silly pictures in front of the mirror, talking about how fun our day was and what tomorrow would have in store for us.

On the left there is my Totoro plushy I bought in Kamakura, in the middle you can see my boyfriends favorite monster from Dragon Quest and on the right you see another Totoro plushy.

Haha, hard to tell the difference...Right?
More about Ghibli museum in my Japan - Day 6 post!

I sincerely love Tokyo, Japan. Everyday was full of surprises. If you wanna see more of those surprises I recommend you to keep track of my blog by subscribing (scroll down to see)!

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me in the comment section, also below!