dinsdag 10 december 2013

Vanedo Beauty Friends - Coenzyme Q10 mask Review

Vanedo Beauty Friends Review By Kasumikriss

This is going to be a short review on the Coenzyme Q10 Essence mask. I got a few beauty products (testers) from Korean brands. It was a little present from a friend of mine who I unfortunately don't see that often. I wanted to share my thoughts on this skincare mask!

The masks come in cotton/paper sheets drenched in a natural kind of gel substance. This gel-like substance contains a lot of nutrients and ingredients which are very beneficial for your skin. Damaged skin will recover faster and it protects against free radicals.

This is the package! It looks very neat. You can see a microscope on the front with some molecules maybe, haha.

There is only one sheet per package. Using the mask is very easy, because it is a sheet you need to apply to your face. Just open up the package and carefully pull out the sheet, unfold it and place it on your face.

Make sure your face is completely clean before you apply the mask. The nutrients and ingredients will be more likely absorbed deeper into your skin. After 20 minutes of leaving the mask on your face your skin will be smooth and radiant. Almost as smooth as a baby's butt. Results can be seen immediately!

Here I have the mask on. 

It also claims that your makeup will stay on longer throughout the day after using the mask. I didn't try this out though, so I don't know if it is true or not.

I padded it on and massaged the product with my hands upon the mask into my skin. It is really moist and it won't get hard after wearing it for 20 minutes. Because of that removing the mask is easy too.

  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't leave a mess after using
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth
  • Feels really good on skin
  • Left over gel substance in the package can be rubbed extra into the skin, like neck
  • Affordable!
  • The mask is a bit to big for my face
Yes, I am really happy about this one. I think I am going to buy some this Christmas vacation :). Have you ever tried this series of masks? What is your experience with it? I would like to know!

Thank you so much for reading and see you soon again! Have a awesome day!

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